Weather Network – A heat wave is possible this weekend

The culprit: an extreme heat dome in the middle of the United States. A region of warm and very humid air favors the rising of a region.

Saturday and Sunday will therefore be particularly stifling. Temperatures above 40 could be felt, especially in the southern parts of Quebec. Hence the level of discomfort will be indicated and attempts should be avoided.

So far, only one Humidex equal to or greater than 40 has been recorded in Montreal. With two days of competition, the number rises to three. If the forecast materialises, the annual average within the metropolis could be exceeded.


The metropolitan, Montérégie and Outauais regions are of concern.

Potential heat wave: Uncertainty still floats

A heat wave is not impossible. The passage of a cold front on Monday will change the situation. Everything depends on the exact moment of crossing Quebec: if it sweeps the province a little later in the day, the mercury can reach 30 ° C. Conversely, if it passes a bit earlier, the criteria to talk about a heat wave in good and proper form will not be met.

VMET1 mediogram

Even more so in cities

Urban areas are likely to be more affected. Concrete and asphalt, which are abundant in cities, trap heat and keep it in for long periods of time. For example, nighttime temperatures are unlikely to descend toward more comfortable ranges, emphasizing the stressful nature of extreme heat waves.

Actions to be taken in extreme heat

  • Get adequate hydration
  • Update yourself often
  • Minimize physical exertion as much as possible
  • Wear light clothing
  • Close windows and curtains during the hottest part of the day
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