What is the Best Window Style To Choose for Your House in Regina?

Going through a renovation project might be challenging, especially when planning to do a window replacement. Getting new windows is a serious step that makes homeowners think twice about what will work best for their homes, especially in Regina, where the weather might be harsh.

But how do you know which window style will bring the best for your money? While gathering information for this article, we have come across many exciting materials from Regina windows and doors experts that might be helpful for our readers. Want to know how to choose the best window style for your residence in Regina? Stay tuned!

Why do you need to install new windows?

The home renovation consists of different projects, and each brings a unique benefit to your property, but window replacement is perhaps the most rewarding one. While it might be costly and time-consuming to decide on what you particularly need, when finished, your home will get a lot of notable improvements:

  • Increased energy-efficiency. New windows are perfect for old houses that require improving the overall thermal performance. Moreover, you are sure to reduce your annual energy bills.
  • Better exterior. No matter where you live, new windows always add value to your property in terms of general look – interior and exterior. The wow effect is guaranteed.
  • Increased property value. If you even plan to sell your house and move out, new windows are perfect for adding to the final price since window replacement is a challenging process that most homeowners would like to omit, even if some extra spending is required.
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What window style works best for Regina houses?

Regina is a great city in Canada with a lot of beautiful places to visit and if you are living here – that is fantastic. But harsh weather might be a problem, especially in winters which are really cold in Regina. That is why homeowners here prefer the most common window styles that guarantee exceptional energy efficiency:

  • Picture windows

An ultimate energy efficiency window that is non-operable thus guarantees fantastic thermal performance. Reginians adore this window style for its huge glass area that provides unobstructed views outside and adds value to any home.

  • Casement windows

Want a combination of high energy performance and ventilation? Then the casement window is what you’ve been looking for. Hinged on the sides, this unit opens just like a door and is the most common style you will find in homes across Canada.

  • Hung windows

Even though hung windows can not compete with casement and picture windows in terms of energy efficiency, the Energy Star rated units would still give you the desired performance, especially if installed with triple-glazing. Moreover, the units can be placed strategically anywhere within the house, fitting the most common rough openings.

Popular Window Styles: Prices Breakdown

Well, getting new windows will for sure be an expensive endeavour. But you want to do the job once and enjoy your new units for many years to come, right? Then getting quality windows should be your top priority. But keep in mind that you do not have to go with the most expensive option, and the same goes for the cheapest products. The key point here is to analyze your personal preferences, your house’s exterior/interior, and, of course, your budget. The table below represents the approximate prices for the most popular window styles in Regina discussed above.

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Picture, $ Casement, $ Single Hung, $
Regina 276 – 2021 554 -1111 429 – 1071

Source: https://www.ecolinewindows.ca/location/regina/

The Bottom Line

If you have decided to do a window replacement, you might face some difficulties when considering the best options for your project. But no worries, that is common for any homeowner going through this for the first time. Keep in mind the tips we have provided in this article and do your best to find a reliable window company to do the job for you. Installation of new windows is hard work that requires special skills and experience, so make sure you find a company to give you a hand and consult on all possible aspects.

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