April 16, 2024

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Woman caught in Sagune: “A curse” strikes the family

Two little girls suffer from two tragedies in a few years and see themselves as orphans.

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Their mother lost her life after being drowned in 2015 by a snowstorm in Chicoutimi a few days ago.

“When the doctor warned me about his wife’s death, there was no point in losing your mother and father. What a curse they have on these poor chicks,” explains Maxim Duperre. Wife of Mary-Joe Morris.

The whole family quickly accepted the new wife, who came into their lives a few months ago.

“We were together for six months. My wife told me to go with her and her children. I was so happy to be with them. It was nice to have them in my life and it was nice to hear them talk. I have a great chemistry with two small children,” says the new wife.

He wants to take his time in the coming weeks, but does not rule out the option of staying in the lives of the two little girls.

Watch the harsh testimony of Mary-Joe Morris’ wife in the video above.

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