Working conditions | Young nurses are leaving the public body

(Montreal) Recently graduated nurses and students claim that poor working conditions in the public sector are being pushed into the private sector.

Jacob Cerebrin
Canadian Press

This situation will not help solve the serious problem of shortage of nurses in Quebec hospitals.

Age 27, Audrey-on-Bisonet-Gillermont is one of them. The co-founder of the Quebec Nursing Student Association worked in the emergency room before starting telemedicine for a private company.

According to her, the internship has been canceled because the infection is difficult for interested nurses in Quebec. Also many nurses in training do not have time to study.

Conclusion: Even young people and students want to leave the public sector and work in the private sector, where they get better pay when they have better control over the schedule.

But this choice is not just for young people. Natalie, president of the Quebec Nurses Association, maintains that the cancellation of forced overtime and vacation leave has forced many nurses out of work.

The Minister of Health says a political link to Rébecca Guénard-Chouinard is that policy-based recent agreements with various nurses’ associations will improve working conditions by reducing overtime, bringing in staff and increasing wages.

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