Montreal | Thousands protest against vaccinated passport

Thousands of protesters gathered in the streets of Montreal on Saturday to protest the implementation of the vaccine passport in (Montreal) province. At the same time, Quebec announced that the upward trend of COVID-19 cases continues.

Coralie Laplande

Coralie Laplande

Can we read on the cards of those who oppose “freedom”, “fake virus” or “no health passport”, health measures? They wandered the streets of the city center before ending their journey at the Place des festivals.

  • Photo by Robert Skinner, La Press

  • Photo by Robert Skinner, La Press

  • Maxim Bernier, leader of the People's Party of Canada, takes part in the protest.

    Photo by Robert Skinner, La Press

    Maxim Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, takes part in the protest.

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The source of the vaccine is “unprecedented prejudice against the population and very discriminatory,” according to event participants, according to the event ‘s organizer, Quebec.

Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, announced on August 10 that the vaccine will be required from Passport 1.There is September in some public places, including restaurants and training centers.

People of all ages protested, regardless of the scorching sun. Parents along with their young children and adults argued their disagreement.

The march was attended by Maxim Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada.

“I’m not going to be vaccinated,” said one protester, Marina, who declined to give her last name. The female messenger says she does not believe in RNA technology. He opposes the vaccine passport, which he considers discriminatory.

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An unnamed father, along with his wife and two children, took part in the march. “It’s nice to see the world rise,” the man said from the beginning. He considers the implementation of the vaccine passport to be “separation”.

“Everyone’s rights and freedoms are really being violated,” said another protester, who asked anonymously. “I understand there is a benevolent tendency [mais le vaccin] Not yet approved. It is not right to force people with coercion, ”he added.

Photo by Robert Skinner, La Press

“My body is my will”, “freedom” or “do not have a health passport” is one of the slogans that can be read on the cards of opponents of health measures.

Most protesters refused to answer questions Press.

Shortly before the parade, the Orange Line was packed with traveling metro cars. Nearly half of the passengers there were not wearing masks.

The face was not worn by protesters who had gathered outside during the event.

Although most protesters do not wear masks, the risks of spreading the virus are lower than those inside, explains Roxanne Borgas da Silva, a professor at the School of Public Health in Montreal.

“What you need to know is that outside, the air circulates more, therefore, the virus dissolves more quickly in the air,” the expert urges. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

In the metro, M estimates that the risks of the transaction are highMe Borges da Silva. “We have to keep the mask on. It’s enough to have a polluted person and spreader, so it gets polluted, variation delta, and many others around it,” says the professor.

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A doctor is on fire

On his Twitter account, Joseph Dahine, an intensive care physician at the Citte-de-La-Sante Hospital in Laval, expressed his anger. For those who oppose the vaccine, the doctor asks: “What is the solution?” ”

“And [la solution de rechange]I’m the one who makes people die [la maladie] For 18 months, those with countless stories of personal and family drama, come with me. Look them in the eye and tell them they are weak and they deserve to die, ”he said angrily in an interview. Press.

As a caregiver it is very stressful for me to know that people who have been treated for 18 months cannot have this empathy.

Joseph Dahine, intensive care physician at Citte-de-la-Sante Hospital

After all, followers of conspiracy theories and antivirals are reluctant, and the doctor says they may change their mind due to the influence of their loved one.

Joseph Dahine, who had already seen a shortage of staff in his hospital emergency room, saw the effects of the fourth wave of COVID-19 on the health network. “It would be a disaster.”

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