Yves-Franசois Blanchett Liberal leader says he likes Dominic Anglede very much

Block Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet Liberal leader Dominic Anglet “likes” him, but he “really doesn’t have a hook” Unity Quebec (QS).

He was summoned on Sunday to explain his relationship with the parties represented in the National Assembly.

“There are no hooks with the Quebec solid, and in a certain number of blocks it is easy to understand that the Quebec solid is campaigning. New Democrats (NTP) ”, Mr. in a media scrum in Ruin-Noranda this afternoon. Blanchett charged.

Declared the bearer of the consensus of the National Assembly, the constituency has complex, sometimes tense relations with parties within the Quebec political scene and the sovereign “fraternal party”. Quebec Party (Reason).

“Very relevant”

At a morning press conference in Wall-d’Or, the constituency leader said goodbye to Dominic Angled, the leader of the official opposition. This may seem surprising, because the selector Quebec Liberal Party Traditionally not targeted by volume.

“I really like the most suitable woman, Dominic Angle,” he commented, although he said he had little contact with her.

On the other hand, he has nothing to do with an independent party, but more on the left: the Quebec Solidarity. Recall that former Bloc leader Gilles Dussef had a stubborn hatred of the QS, which he accused of supporting the NDP, a federal party, and was seen as central.

In this closeness with the NDP, an additional M. Blanchet said, “I am not encouraged to make phone calls to the Québec solidaire to find out how it is every morning. I have no animosity, I like the diversity of ideas.”

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However, he could not understand why members of a party that calls for independence like the QS support a federal party like the NDP.

“The party being the sister party of Cubacois, we are free in a determined and shown way, not half the party when the wind comes in from the northwest on Wednesday afternoon,” Mr Blanchett said.

The QS has not taken an official position in favor of one party or another in the federal election campaign.

Mr. Blanchett said he was associated with the party Kupekois on “separatist penalties and specific issues.” As for his exchanges with the Coquist Prime Minister Francois Legalt, They are rare.

“Although we have known each other for a long time, I have no direct contact with Francois (Legalt), but he is busier than I am.”

The constituency leader assures us that his cabinet has “continued relations” with his colleagues in the National Assembly.

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