A murderer leaves to see his family

The 74-year-old killer, who has already spent most of his life in prison, was given the opportunity to beg to see his family again on Wednesday, which offers comfort to the victim’s father.

“It’s sure to set us free,” said Marcel Bolduk, 72, whose daughter Isabel was brutally murdered 25 years ago in Sherbrook, in the eastern townships.

One of his killers, Marcel Blanchett, was due to appear for questioning yesterday by Canada’s Parole Board, hoping he would benefit from overseas visits to his family.

However, the prisoner withdrew last Monday, the 48the Birthday of his victim.

“He certainly understood that he had no chance,” he said. Bolduk believes he was about to read a moving letter to the commissioners. Newspaper Copy to me.

He said in it, “It was hard for him to believe that Blanchett’s family would really want to see him if he had one.” Moreover, he ” [n’arrive] Do not imagine that they can have any kind of conversation together.

He has been incarcerated in Blanchette since 1996. On June 30 of that year, 22-year-old Isabelle Bolduc went to a bar with friends who were playing music.

On his return, 25-year-old Jean-Paul was abducted by Bainbridge.

50 years in prison

Blanchett and her accomplice abducted her and raped her for several hours.

They then took her to a wooded area in the Florimond sector.

“They killed her because they didn’t want to be reprimanded,” says her father, who was even more devastated by the loss of his daughter.

Before the Commission, Mr. Bolduk plans to return to Blanchett’s serious criminal case.

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“His past speaks for itself. In 1996, he had already served between 38 and one-and-a-half years in prison. This time, he is serving 50 years in prison for his service,” he explains.

According to the grieving father’s calculations, the killer was already on seventh parole at the time of the murder.

He still wonders how he could have been free then.

A risk

Mr. Bolduk considers the correctional system to have “failed in its primary task of protecting the public.” According to him, Blanchett has always represented a danger in society.

“This will be his eighth chance …”, he encourages.

For his part, Bainbridge has also rejected calls for his release in recent years.

At the height of the Bolt family’s tragedy, Isabel’s sister, Julie, died suddenly last Monday at the age of 44 of a stroke.

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