Abolish the SAQ monopoly: a “meaningless promise”

Abolish the SAQ monopoly: a “meaningless promise”

Quebec’s Conservative Party’s latest promise to abolish the monopoly of the Société des Alcohols du Québec (SAQ) doesn’t hold water, according to a political expert.

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“We have already heard with ADQ’s proposals. It’s a meaningless promise. The brewery is the main source of revenue for the state. I wonder how he will pay for tax cuts with this proposal. The presence of SAQ guarantees the quality of products accessible to everyone, even in the regions,” said Quebec in Montreal. André Lamoureux, a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University (UQAM) notes.

By allowing the private sector to establish itself in this market, the quality of goods in these types of stores, especially in areas where you have to pay a lot of transportation costs, may drop significantly.

“As we say in good Quebecers, we can see piquet appearing on the shelves. We will also not have a guarantee of good products at good prices in the region,” he said.

This political pundit also dived into other pledges, see which party is leading so far in the video above.

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