April 21, 2024

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Reopening the dining room: Two scenes at the table

As pressure is mounting on the government, two scenarios for reopening restaurant dining rooms are currently on the table, namely January 31 and February 8, our Parliamentary Office learned.

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According to our information, at this point, the most credible scenario for restaurants to return to customers’ schedules is January 31st.

This long-awaited restoration stage coincides with the subsequent resumption of civilian and non-civilian games. Requested by many shareholders, On the political side and in the sports world.

From credible sources, when it was confirmed last week that students would return to class, the Prime Minister’s agenda was already circled January 31st for the resumption of games. But the green light of the new National Director of Public Health, dR. Luc Boileau could not mention this opportunity because he was still uncertain.

The weekend is important

The next few days will be decisive for the future. The number of hospital admissions and intensive care patients and the capacity of the health network to emerge from the worst of crises will dictate the course of action for public health.

This is what D suggested.R. Boileau, yesterday morning, during an interview with Philip-Vincent Fossie on QUB Radio. “If the trend we are looking at for a few days now continues, we will assume that in three or four days, at that time, the Prime Minister can propose a timetable for reopening,” the successor may move. To Horacio Arruda.

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“The date depends on a huge factor: if the health care system can be maintained, it can always be kept better than it is now,” D warned.R. Boyle said he was worried he would not play yo-yo with the Cubs’ confidence.

Other opportunity

Another possibility is to wait until February 8 before allowing Cubes to rediscover the joy of eating in restaurants. We were told that restaurants would be forced to close their dining rooms for at least seven days in a single month in order to receive financial assistance.

This is a situation that some restaurants prefer, but others prefer to reopen earlier, so Super Bowl can re-store refrigerators during the weekend, which coincides with Valentine’s Day this year.

For the restaurant industry, Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative events of the year.

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