Another festival of orange cones in Montreal

Another festival of orange cones in Montreal

It is not the day before Montreal motorists see the end of roadblocks, and even less this fall, starting in the Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine subway and disrupting the island’s five hotspots.

“The end of the work? Never! Probably a shortcoming, possible, but certainly not in the years to come,” began Patrick Benoit, columnist for the cycle. Hello Hello! In VAT.

In total, 44 major projects will be implemented in the metropolitan area this fall, including 17 major projects in Montreal, confirmed by the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) and Mobilito Montreal during a technical information session yesterday.

The Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine Bridge-Tunnel, the axis of the Boulevard By-IX, the axis of the A40, the axis of the A13 and the entire city center will be the hottest areas on the municipal network and motorway.

Frequent closures of the bridge-tunnel and highways 20 and 25, especially due to repair work, will have significant repercussions on traffic. Later, more concentrated sites in the city center make it an avoidable area in the car.

“Illusion traffic jams”

He believes the La Pentine tunnel risks “creating magical congestion” if most of the work is not as impressive as in other years.

“It’s very worrying and it affects everyone: it brings customers to Jack-Cartier Bridge, Notre Dame Street, St. Catherine’s, the smallest street in the city,” he said.

For the chair holder on Mobility, these orange cones still have a nice side. “If the roof leaks, it needs to be fixed. It’s positive to see that there are construction sites. That means we take care of our roads,” Catherine Morensi explained.

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Nevertheless, it is unthinkable that road users will end up working and the barriers in the Montreal network will “continue like that”, the professor at Polytechnic Montreal warned.

Reviewing our travels

“Roads are at maximum capacity and need to be maintained regularly. The presence of large vehicles and the dominance of the individual car […] Reduce the capacity of the road network, Ms. Morensi explained. You have to learn to use other modes of transport. “

City spokesman Hugo Borgoin confirmed that the city of Montreal plans to invest $ 643 million in road works this year compared to $ 620 million last year.

It manages a quarter of the 44 major construction sites in the metropolitan area.

– With Roxanne Trudeau

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