April 21, 2024

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Assessment request for the man who shot a policewoman in Pius

Last week, in Pius, the man accused of shooting a woman made alarmingly competent remarks by a lawyer representing him, and asked the court to order an assessment of its liability.

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Marco Rodrguez, 54, was arraigned Tuesday morning in St. Joseph’s Court in Puebla by his attorney, Mr.e Jerome Tremblay made this request to Rachel Cognon to judge.

“Mr said some comments that convinced me that he needed an assessment.” He told me that the authorities would file a case against him and that they would try to kill him. He also denies that the laws apply to hime Trembling.

  • Listen to the legal passage with Nada Boomefta, Criminal Rights and Youth Defense Advocate on QUB Radio:

According to information sent to the court, Rodrigo has been followed by a psychiatrist in the past.

As a follower, Me Annick Arbor did not object to the request, and the judge ordered a 30-day period of assessment, saying “there is something to question the mental health of the accused.”

Roderick will return to the tribunal on September 23.

Attempted murder

Recall that fifty-year-old woman Katherine Xerox was charged with attempted murder, and her 40-year-old mother, Saint-Marie, was attached to the police station in Sûreté du Québec, 90 kilometers away. Highway 73, heading north.

Catherine Xerox was shot by police officer Pius

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Catherine Xerox was shot by police officer Pius

The man is accused of possessing weapons for dangerous purposes and possessing weapons loaded in a car.

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Following a hunt that lasted more than 13 hours, police finally arrested Rodriguez at Boulevard LaCroix in St. Georges.

After being taken to hospital to be treated for her injuries, the woman was able to receive her discharge, and just hours after her attacker appeared, she said on social media that she had sent thanks to her relatives and everyone who sent hundreds. News “Support.


“The first part of my rescue was a success, thanks to the incredible work of my fellow police officers who were monopolized for my cause. I will get it! ”She mentioned.

In September 2020, Rodriguez was charged with negligent use of a firearm and possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm, after which he was released unconditionally.

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