Staff will sleep at the hotel to avoid the Pierre-Laporte Bridge

Twice in the summer, four of the six lanes of the Pierre-Laporte Bridge will be closed for 10 days, allowing Minister des Transport to carry out major repairs.

Only one path is open in each direction. The first part will be closed from June 27 to July 7 and the second from August 8 to 18.

The roads of the Pierre-Laporte Bridge and its approaches will undergo major repairs in the summer (archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada / Carl Bowen

In addition to rescheduling some deliveries, Desarnois News and Mechanic will temporarily relocate staff between its South Coast and North Coast branches.

Case wise management

Others will have the opportunity to look forward to their vacation or delivery, while some will be able to stay at the hotel at the expense of the company.

We have about 15 to 20 employees affected [sur 200], In addition to our operations, yes, ensured that we had to do piece-wise management to try to find the best solution for each employee., Vice President Melanie Desharnais explains.

Melanie Deshernois gives an interview to Radio-Canada within a branch of Thessarnaise News and Mechanic.

Melanie Desharnais expects mitigation measures to maintain the company’s “most operations”.

Photo: Radio-Canada

He adds that mitigation measures will make maintenance possible Most functions. The vice president says the cost associated with these changes is worth it.

Staying at the hotel is, of course, costs, but we have a choice between what you want and what you should not have our staff. We choose to have our staff with us.

An excerpt from:Melanie Desharnais, Vice President, Desharnais Tires and Mechanics

I was confused

Alexandre Labelle, director of the branch where the company operates, lives on the south coast in Pierre-Bertrand Boulevard. With only one lane open in each direction, the thought of having to cross the bridge in the middle of an emergency has nothing to cheer him on.

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I was a little confused because I knew there would be a lot of traffic. There are already a lot of them now. I was looking for solutions that could still work despite the road conditions, He says.

Alexandre gives an interview to Label Radio-Canada inside a car garage.

You can sleep at the Alexandre Label Hotel during work.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Among the staff who volunteered to pay for a hotel room was Desharnois News and Mechanic. The label is one. A gesture the director received with relief and gratitude.

I like being in a hotel every night, and then every morning rather than spending three to four hours in transit.

An excerpt from:Alexandre Label, Director, Desharnais News and Mechanic, Pierre-Bertrand Branch

Group Mornio, which specializes in freight and logistics, has also set aside hotel rooms on the south coast and north coast in anticipation of two partial closure periods.

We have also implemented measures to reduce the impact on our customers [dont] Adding evening, night and week changes and [le] Transferring human and material resources from our other terminals to the Quebec City area, Refers to senior communications partner Daniel Sansouci.

Reduced week

At Cofrage L.D., 100 out of 400 employees were affected by the barrier of the Pierre-Laporte Bridge. The management decided to pay them for hotel accommodation and adopt a four-day week during the mission.

We offer 40 hours a week in 4 days instead of 40 hours in 5 days […] This allows you to enjoy the summer even when transportation is very difficult, Explains Managing Director Cindy Drew.

For its part, the Ministry of Transport expects severe congestion during missions. Spokeswoman Emily Lord invites motorists to skip the area or plan their trips carefully.

He reminds them that by consulting the Quebec 511 site they can know the obstacles to the road network in real time.

Motorists are asked to opt for telecommunications, if possible, or to adjust their travel times slightly by avoiding emergencies or by opting for public transport and carpooling or postponing trips., She mentions.

With information from Mary-Pierre Mercier

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