Bill 11: Doctors are “skeptical”, opposition parties are not satisfied

In a press release, they say the professional union representing general practitioners Suspicious Before the content of the bill11.

The attack was viable For several weeks already For problems that are intended to solve it No bill required, Support FMOQWho regrets that no Proper income Despite numerous calls from the government to do so.

We see things going on like we put them on the table a few months ago, The chairman announced in an interview with ICI RTI FMOQ, Dr. Louis Godin.

He realizes the fact that facilitates access to family physicians, including 1.5 million orphans. Priority in caring for those currently on the access desk.

However, we should not expect the waiting list of about 880,000 patients already registered to decline at any time, however, Dr. Codin warns. We will not fix this next week, in a week, it will take some time, He says.

We need to differentiate between providing access to medical care and ensuring that every Quebec has a family doctor.

A quote:Dr. Louis Codin, President of FMOQ

Family physicians, they call for ease of action Access to primary care, Include other specialists in family medicine groups (nurses, psychologists and social workers) and cite the example of reducing the administrative burden.

Always warnAdded bureaucracy and additional duties.

The FMOQ He points out that there is currently a shortage of about 1,000 family doctors in Quebec, while demand is rising and heirs are not being adequately secured.

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Tone change

Several weeks after a hand wrestling match in Public Square, The FMOQ However noted Minister Dube’s calm tone and his call for cooperation.

At a press conference, the Minister of Health, Christian Dube, pointed out that he had drafted his bill Work canvas Who are going To help Government in talks with FMOQ.

At ICI RDI, Dr Godin told himself Glad to hear that […] The Minister calls [les médecins de famille] Solutions should be discussed as soon as possible.

Legault government He threatened to pass legislation to force some family doctors The focus is on caring for a greater number of patients FMOQ who Challenge in a strong way.

Prime Minister Franois Legalt also said Have the names of the doctors on handThose who do not do a good job.

Paul Brunett, chairman of the Council for the Protection of the Sick, did not hide his anger over the access issue. Can patients see a doctor or nurse when they have to look for problems?

Is it that complicated?, He began in an interview with ICI RDI. I could not believe we were still there.

Suspiciously, Mr. Brunet urges part of Bill 11 for access to better patient care data by general practitioners on a regional basis: Is very good. Will that solve the problem?

Not having clear enough goals, too much centralization, upsetting the opposition

For their part, other political bodies in the National Assembly were quick to denounce the fact that Bill 11, according to them, would not provide concrete results on the ground. In a statement, Liberal Party leader Dominic Anglet called for a targeted legislative document.Marketing function.

The bill has no goals, no provisions and no obligations, so there is no guarantee that Quebecs will receive the services to which they are entitled.

A quote:Dominique Anglet, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

If people want to monitor their health closely, consistently and systematically, one can worry about the lack of objectives of government entitlement and dissatisfaction., Said Joel Arsenio, spokeswoman for the party Quebecois Health.

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His partner from Quebec Solitaire criticizes Legault management for wanting to concentrate decision-making powers in Quebec to the detriment of healthcare companies and doctors at the local and regional levels.

Government Seems to take the recipe notes of [l’ex-ministre libéral de la Santé] Gaétan Barrette, especially by focusing on control over family physiciansVincent Maricel argued.

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