Canadian border workers may go on strike

Members of the Public Service Coalition of Canada (AFPC) And the Union of Customs and Immigration (STI) Has been without contract since 2018. On Tuesday morning most of their members announced they had voted in favor of the strike order.

Workers’ demands revolve around three axes: equality with other security organizations in Canada, better protection against harassment and discrimination, and the agreement on long-distance work for office workers.

This is not a good place to work now, Mentioned, in an interview R.D.I., National Leader STI, Mark Weber. He notes that union members are disciplined For everything and anything.

There are many things that need to be changed. We are at the table to do that.

An excerpt from:Mark Weber, National President of the Union of Customs and Immigration

The union says a number of difficult situations have arisen in recent years. In one example, a male supervisor allegedly assaulted a service officer in front of several witnesses, without obtaining discipline. It is also alleged that a supervisor forced the officers to search the illegal piece while inspecting the bus full of students.

Employees can be fired from August 6 if discussions stop.

Their window to avoid a strike will close quickly, Said Chris Ailward, National President of the Public Service Coalition of Canada. He says his union is ready to return to the negotiating table to avoid a labor dispute.

The Treasury Board, through its spokesman Genevieve Cicard, confirms in its part the rejection of the Public Service Coalition Reasonable offer. The employers’ party also says it is ready to negotiate soon.

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Last week, when the referendum was going on, TheASFC He pointed out that he was preparing for strikes and a possible strike.

Canada Border Services will respond quickly to any interference / work interruptions to keep our border secure, ensure compliance with our laws, and facilitate the flow of goods and voyages., Wrote Louis-Carl Presset in an email sent CBC News.

We expect our officers to continue to perform their duties with the utmost integrity and professionalism., He added.

90% of agents employed as essential workers

L ‘ASFC Border service officers are 90% essential and indicate that they must be on duty in the event of a strike.

The Coalition says the impact of the strike will be felt in the Canadian economy. One strike could cause, among other things, a slowdown in trade at the border, impacts on the international delivery of mail and parcels, as well as the collection of taxes and duties on goods entering the country.AFPC.

These potential barriers at the border are pushing Quebec manufacturers and exporters (MEQ) It calls on the parties to continue negotiations to resolve the stalemate.

We saw the economic consequences of the strikes in the port of Montreal. Now imagine the impact of the strike everywhere we entered our territory.

An excerpt from:Veronica Broolk, President and CEO of Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters

As our economy suffers a major setback from the epidemic, this strike will have additional effects on the already fragile production supply chain., MEQ’s president and CEO Veronica Brooks warned in a press release.

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Quebec manufacturers don’t really need new frontier barriers, What remains of a period of economic recovery, he said.

A customs officer scans the packages.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Members of both unions include airports, land entry points, ports and business entry points, domestic law enforcement officers, intelligence officers, investigators, business agents, court officials and simple members.

Boundaries will reopen soon

L ‘ASFC […] Respond promptly to any strike or disruption to maintaining the security and safety of Canada’s border, ensuring that our laws are respected, and keeping the border open to proper passengers and goods, Refers to a spokespersonASFC In an email to Radio-Canada.

We expect our agents to perform their duties with the utmost integrity and expertise.

On Twitter, the Quebec Employers’ Council responded to the potential strike, confirming its impact. Disaster for the transportation of goods and movement of individuals, Reopening the border a The critical phase of recovery.

Canadian border To reopen to the Americans Non-essential trips were fully vaccinated from August 9, and then from September 7 onwards worldwide.

With information from Catherine Dunnie and Jochatri Sarbonio

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