Conservative Congress: Eric Duheim quenches interest in alternative medicine

If the government is to recommend “freedom of choice” in health care, it is not its role to promote alternative medicine, conservative leader Eric Duheim believes.

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On Saturday, during a conference on political formation, the President redesigned the debate, citing a number of comments on the subject, on the sidelines of virtual debates on health.

Eric Duheim admitted that he had met “a lot of people talking to me about alternative medicine” during his regional tours and that it was “OK” to demand freedom of choice about the treatments they choose.

“But the last thing you want is for your government to start alternative medicine and actively promote it,” the conservative leader told his activists.

There is no “mother state”

The same goes for the idea of ​​taxing junk food or improving a healthy lifestyle.

“It is not the role of the government to tell us what to eat and when to jog. We are not in the party that wants to take you over, we need a “government” that will decide everything for you, “said the former radio presenter.

According to him, the conservative solution is to abolish taxes on certain products that are considered “healthy”.

Participants in the Congress of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) are dealing with the theme of Saturday morning health, for the first time since the election of Eric Duheim as their leader.

Among the proposals discussed were: Providing an alternative to the public health network, introducing a system of financing hospitals based on the services provided and increasing medical admissions.

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Coherent positions

Surprisingly, ‘a very strong majority of activists supported the proposal by party officials to reconsider the Public Health Act to force the government to consult with representatives of the National Assembly before renewing the health emergency.

Since being elected President of PCQ, Eric Duheim has made critique of health measures his hobby. Meanwhile, support for the party has increased significantly in the polls.

But its leader insisted from the beginning that the political party could not be satisfied with this single theme.

“Now we must be a serious, respectable political party in all areas, for that, we must show that we had a consistent position on the health crisis, but we can have a consistent and conservative position on all policies in Quebec,” he said in his inaugural address.

400 to 500 participants participated in virtual exchanges on the zoom site.

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