Jason Kenny says he is ready to face a confidence vote in the spring

Jason Kenny says he is ready to face a confidence vote in the spring

Jason Kenny stressed the good moves of his government in front of his party members on Saturday.

His remarks on the Alberta war against the federal carbon tax and the economic ups and downs of the oil industry were met with applause and some standing applause.

However, the Prime Minister could not ignore the revelations: We all know that there will be a party leadership review in the spring and I would like to let you know that I will be happy to conduct it. I welcome this accountability opportunity, he said.

However, he continued to do so The only request To members: Until then focus on audience priorities.

We will resolve our internal differences internally because the people want the parties and the government to be concerned not with their own internal differences but with the priorities of the people.

The confidence vote is scheduled for April 8 and 9, but 22 riding associations have called for it to move forward.

The threat of early voting still exists

Earlier in the day, a motion to increase the number of constituencies required to hold a no-confidence vote was rejected by members on Friday.

He proposed a uniform resolution to force the party to act on the resolution, increasing the number of minimum constituency associations from 22 to 29.

It was added to the agenda following the passage of a resolution by 22 riding associations that Jason Kenny’s leadership confidence vote should be overseen and conducted by an independent body. Before March 2nd.

The motion was supported by 57% of the members who voted for it. As it was a special proposal to change the laws and regulations of the party, 75% of the votes were required to pass it.

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The proposal was put forward by the Edmonton Northwest Riding Association.

In the General Assembly of the United Conservative Party a motion defeating the confidence vote on Jason Kenny was defeated.

Photo: CBC / Ellis von Sheil

Reviewing the party leadership is a legitimate act, but we believe that the ban on inciting it should be at least one-third. [des associations], This block was explained by a representative of the association.

According to the rules in force, one-fourth of the block associations will suffice.

One party is divided over health restrictions

Jason Kenny admitted from the beginning of his speech that the epidemic had caused a lot of damage. Including our government and our party.

We made a mistake along the way and as Prime Minister I am responsible for thatHowever, he said he always sought a balanced approach.

He supported the restrictions imposed by his government, although he acknowledged that they had angered many members of the government. PCU.

He made it clear that he was in the worst condition of the crisis A few days A test protocol should be placed in the province. Patients must have been disconnected from artificial respiration and lost their life-saving care, he recalled.

Mixed reactions

Miguel Racine, one of the members of the council, said he was reassured by Jason Kenny’s words.

To hear exactly what the Prime Minister is saying in person, he must be in front of us, he said.

He notes that the applause for the Prime Minister’s speech was heated and that he emerged enthusiastic from it.

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Ross Schleiger, another member on hand, did not deny that there were even differences within the party over the leadership of Jason Kenny, but the General Assembly showed that members could still stand. He hopes to unite when needed.

The room was full for Mr. Kenny. It’s not just one or two people, it’s the whole room, he said.

Brian Jean, a former leader of the Wild Rose who openly challenges the leadership of Jason Kenny, however, says that this enthusiasm does not really reflect the sentiments of the conservative establishment.

If you go to ordinary cities, to the field […], You will find that people do not have the same opinion about Jason Kenny. They no longer trust him, they just want him to go, He argues.

Has blamed the Prime Minister Confusion as the best speaker with good decision making ability.

Party policy discussions

In which participantsBut Saturday called for a vote on a number of proposals related to party policies.

In particular, they adopted a resolution as a goal Protect the freedom of conscience of health workers. It strengthens the right of physicians not to provide care that is contrary to their personal values ​​or beliefs, for example, including medical assistance for death or abortion.

A similar bill was introduced in 2019 by MP Don Williams, but it failed.

With information from Audrey Neveu and Michelle Bellefontaine

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