Powerful thunderstorms en route to Quebec

Published on August 16, 2023 at 12:40 pm

It is exceptionally powerful for an August system. It could sow chaos in Manitoba and Ontario on Wednesday before reaching Quebec on Thursday. forecast.

There are conditions

Things are coming together for a very eventful day in Manitoba and Ontario on Wednesday. The low pressure mass, which could drop to nearly 980 millibars, could produce storms with potentially catastrophic potential, particularly in northwestern Ontario. This is an unusual possibility for August.

Storms1 (12)

A menacing wind

This system hits hard especially in the afternoon and evening hours. Local gusts of up to 90 km/h may occur in exposed areas. Lakes are therefore particularly affected by these powerful winds. Meanwhile, a line of rain, or a line of thunderstorms, is developing over Ontario over a cold front. Violent thunderstorms may be added to these strong winds.

Thunderstorm 3 (10)

An offensive line

A squall line is a narrow group of severe thunderstorms that can suddenly produce high winds, heavy rain, and often lightning. Large hail and even tornadoes are possible.

Thunderstorm 2 (11)

towards the east

As the sun sets, this maneuver line is expected to move fast and furious along the shores of Lake Superior. It may not be the perfect evening to camp on the shores of this great lake.

Thunderstorm 4 (9)

Violence in Quebec is low

Potential energy is still present when the system enters Quebec. The system will affect the western part of La Belle province on Thursday evening. Témiscamingue will be the sector to watch. The risk of severe thunderstorms is real. Elsewhere in Quebec, the storms will be scattered and much less intense for Abidbies, Laurentians, Outais, Montreal, Marici and Monterrey.

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Thunderstorm5 (3)

In collaboration with Bertin Ozonen, meteorologist.

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