Fees fall for Jean-Robert Encola

Quebec doctor Jean-Robert Enkola, who pointed out that COVID-19 erupted in northern New Brunswick in May, did not need to defend himself because the crown dropped the charges on Friday.

A man who was a family physician in the region of Restigouch has been accused of failing to isolate himself after staying in Quebec, where he suffered. In May 2020, Blaine Hicks told a news conference that an anonymous health worker had contributed to the introduction of COVID-19 in the Campbellton area.

Mr. Hicks also questioned the need to file “criminal” charges against the doctor.

Mr. None of the allegations against Nokola have been confirmed. The inquest revealed that he had been afflicted by one of his patients in New Brunswick. The doctor and his lawyers told Mr. Hicks apologizes, which New Brunswick Prime Minister flatly denies.

“I don’t think I need to apologize for anything about this situation,” Hicks told a news conference Friday.

Mr. Nokola now trains at the Maskinong Clinic in Mauritius, where he makes his patients happy.

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