Thousands protest against health measures on the streets of Montreal

The protesters met at 1:30 p.m. They then attacked Saint-Laurent Boulevard to go to Zari Park.

Titled Participants in the Event My body, my will Mention, among other things, that the number of cases currently reported in the province is declining and that intensive care is no longer congested.

Some claim the right to free choice based on wearing a mask and being vaccinated. Others call it an epidemic Mask Or from Plot.

Where is the science behind wearing masks in social settings? We do not yet have data on this. Where is the science behind the curfew order at this time? Asks an opponent.

People gathered to protest.

The crowd included people of all ages, youth, adults and retirees.

Photo: Canadian Press / Graham Hughes

Another participant begs for a real social discussion: We want to make it a public debate. This is why we fight. We have our experts and our doctors.

Demonstrators marched without masks and disrespecting physical distance. They screamed like that Freedom And Wake up Montreal.

At a sign, you can read slogans like Stop unjustified health emergencies, My health, my choice, my right, Or, Jaw, you cook.

We were able to see the flags of Quebec, Agadia and the Patriots flying. Everything went smoothly and ended at 5:30 pm at Jorry Park.

The demonstration took place Quietly speaking roughly, According to the public relations officer of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM), he will be able to make a statement early in the evening.

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With information from Louis de Belleville

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