April 15, 2024

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Fran ஜிois Legalt accepts defeat of Ann Gingross in the election of Canada 2021

He made a mistake. He wants to respect his jurisdiction, he does not respect federal democracy , Condemns Ann Zingross in an interview with Radio-Canada.

The defeated candidate claims to have met several citizens Got angry See the Prime Minister of Quebec expressing his desire for a minority conservative state.

[Les citoyens] Said: “It is not true that we are going back to the time when the good father of a family would tell us who to vote for. It is ours.”, Says Ann Jingras.

In the last days of the federal campaign, Prime Minister Franசois Legald expressed his desire for the election of a minority conservative government in Ottawa (archives).

Photo: Canadian Press / Jack Poissonad

She does not know whether the departure of Franுவாois Legalt will have repercussions on his relationship with his federal colleague Justin Trudeau.

Prime Minister Trudeau is a great man and I know he has no vengeance. [François Legault] Luckily it wasn’t me.

A quote:Ann Zingross, the Liberal candidate, was defeated in Beaufort-Limoyillo

Consul Central de Quebec South – Appalachians – welcomed the victory of former CSN leader Julie Vignola, who retained her seat.


If the constituency pays Quebecois respect for the jurisdiction of the Quebec government, Ann Gingros reminded that its allegiance goes first to its elements.

Black Quebecois MP Julie Vignola smiles after her victory.

Julie Vignola of the Black Quebecos won the election in Beaufort-Limoilo.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Pierre-Alexander Boldak

I congratulate Ms. Vignola, and I sincerely and truly believe that she will represent the citizens of Beaufort-Limailo, not the Quebec government. It was not the Quebec government that elected her, it was the citizens, She insists.

Ann Kings agrees to invent the campaign Very difficultIn particular, due to the current political climate, it was particularly marked by attempts to intimidate candidates. He also wants to underline the commitment of the people involved in politics.

I had an exceptional reception from many, but […] We are in a difficult situation in 2021, with a uniqueness, with people, leaving alone. So, those who have the courage to get into politics, I really salute them, She agrees.

Ann Zingross gives an interview inside a CSN office.

Prior to entering politics, Ann Kings was head of the Central Quebec-Sdre-Appalachians (CSN) for more than 20 years (archives).

Photo: Radio-Canada

One day at a time

The final results in Beaufort-Limoilo met just hours after the release, and the Liberal candidate still did not know what to expect in the coming months.

However, this precludes a return to the union world.

After 32 years in the Central Council, I think the round of the track is over. I was ready for anything else […] What am I going to do now? I could not honestly answer you this morning. There, at first, I’m going to sleep, I’m going to rest, it’s going to be a time of day.

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