Living with the virus can be difficult for our hospitals

With 164 deaths in two days and hospitals registering patients admitted to the hospital for intensive care, hospital staff will not be out of breath tomorrow, even if Quebec returns to a more normal life when schools reopen tomorrow.

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“Despite the load reduction, hospitals are still overcrowded at this time,” said Judy Morris, president of the Emergency Physicians Association of Quebec.

This week, the government warned people that we would reach the peak of 5e The weekend will not be easy for the health workers as it is unclear as to who will be admitted to the hospital.

So many patients have not been admitted to the hospital with us since the onset of the epidemic. After all, Quebec will agree to live with the virus for a while by reopening schools tomorrow.

However, this does not mean that everything will be happy later, the extremists hope to expect many more busy weeks. Because if the number of hospital admissions no longer rises rapidly, “they are still increasing”, d.Re Morris.

“We are concerned across the network. It will be very important to follow the statistics for the next few weeks to see which way we are really going. Will we see an increase in cases of sick workers as schools reopen?” She asks.

Lack of beds

Above all, D estimates that staff shortages and lack of beds “affect the system at this time.”R. Jermaine Borier, head of the intensive care unit at Charles Lemoine Hospital and president of the Intensive Care Unit in Quebec.

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If the condition of the ground seems stable to him – but dangerous – he believes it is more realistic to reopen schools, but Omicron will have to rearrange the procedures on the face of it, which is highly contagious, but much less malignant. .

It may be necessary to accept a particular risk to unravel the system, he explains by withdrawing positive patients, but no longer requiring care.

“If we don’t change the rules, hospitals will continue to stumble,” he believes. This means that there will be more beds in hospitals to reduce the burden. ⁇

Catch delays

If the storm passes, it will be necessary to catch the delays associated with load reduction, which will add a weight to tomorrow’s health system, emphasizes Michael de Marchi, a serious physician at the Montreal Jewish Hospital.

In some cases, especially in cancer patients, pre-treatment time plays a crucial role and can make the difference between very simple surgery and difficult surgery. “There is stress among the hospital staff and it is constant. […] This is extra and overall work, ”he sighs.

In his opinion, the nursing staff will not have a recession before the summer.

The province mourned 96 new deaths on Saturday, the highest in 20 months.

Many deaths like last year

January 8 to 14, 2022

  • 61 521 Case and 372 Death

Cases in the same period in 2021

  • 14 178 Case and 371 Death

Peak of the year

2022 (January 14)

  • 3195 Hospitals
  • 275 In intensive care


  • 1525 Hospitalized (Jan. 13)
  • 230 In intensive care (Jan. 14)
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2020 (12 May)

  • 1866 Hospitalized (May 12)
  • 227 In intensive care (April 23)

INSPQ Sources and Daily Data of the Ministry of Health

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