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Unidentified, “mom” dreams of revenge

Unidentified in prison, the man who led Hell’s Angels into the deadliest gang war in Quebec history now dreams of waging a bloody war against them.

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The former Hales chief revenge ideas are revealed in the book Le Parlower – The Fall of Shenanigans and Maurice “Mom” Boucher, Written by journalists Eric Dibalt and Felix Sequin from our Bureau of Investigation, it will be available in bookstores from tomorrow.

“They know, I’ll take revenge on myself. All those who did this to me … If I go out, I will kill you first,” Boucher says in punitive language, while his daughter, Alexandra, meets him in prison with the utmost security in Saint-Anne. -Des-Plaines.

He has been serving a life sentence there for nearly 20 years for ordering the assassination of two reform officers in 1997.

During the Magot Inquiry in 2015, when Boucher plotted to assassinate King Renault Desjardins, conversations approached by teachers were recorded by police.

A criminal known to the public since 2005, a lot has changed. He is an old and sick man who has been in the dungeon for many years and is unrecognizable with his overweight and large white beard.

Cut bridges

“I hate everyone, but there’s a lot of it, yes. If they do not think about it or they forget it, well, I do not forget. […]. It hurts even worse, ”the 67-year-old prisoner spat, talking about the bikers he led with an iron fist in the 1990s, up to his sentence.

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Quebec Hells, however, severed ties with him in the spring of 2014 by expelling him from the mob by a unanimous vote of all members of the legislature.

According to them, one of them said that their former leader is now part of the “past”, according to police documents quoted in the book.

Boucher never digested it. He noted the date of the rejection in the address book, where police entered cell number 104, where the fallen motorcyclist spends most of his time. It wrote: “OUT-HA March 22, 2014”.

Police found an OUT-HA March 22, 2014 inscription in Boucher's room, indicating the date he was expelled from hell while in prison.

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Police found an OUT-HA March 22, 2014 inscription in Boucher’s room, indicating the date he was expelled from hell while in prison.

“The world, they do not love me (sic),” he adds, referring to the world of criminal bikers, who knew he was responsible for the imprisonment of several armed ex-brothers in Operation Sharquezi. Rock machine that killed 165 people in Quebec between 1994 and 2002.

“This is not good for me”

In this book we learn that his figure and initials from 2015 are still inhabited by Boucher with feelings of intense hatred and injustice against the criminal gang tattooed on his body. He calls some hells “cowards.”

“I always ‘bat’ for them. He reminds his daughter bitterly of his former colleagues in Hell during the biker war. I just put them to eat. There, I’ll be in jail. Too bad, it’s not good.”

ௌ At St. Anne-des-Plains in Laurence, Boucher was booked into the dormitory of the Special Detention Unit, which houses the country’s worst offenders.

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Getting out of jail is a “miracle”

In the parlor, “Mother” Boucher confirms that her daughter has “already (her) plan” to take revenge against her armed ex-brothers if she ever wants to regain her freedom.

But it takes “a miracle,” he says, despairing of the prospect of getting out of prison.

When his daughter told him he was too old to engage in stressful revenge, Boucher responded negatively.

Referring to his entire life marked by violent conflicts and armed conflicts, he said, “I have lived my life as it is.”

Grief “for life”

The bike riders nicknamed her “Mom” because she treated them like a mother with her questions, and her advice especially reveals her hatred of the Hell’s Elder.

Boucher calls himself a “hypocritical host” when he learns that the biker has traveled south with his ex-mistress, the mother of his daughter Alexandra.

The frustrated culprit thinks they “didn’t eat chips together” during the trip …

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t forget,” he said, adding that he had a hatred for “life”.

He was already serving a life sentence, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced in 2018 to 10 years in prison.

Friday night, show JE, On TVA, will be dedicated to this poll conducted in 2015 “Mother” Boucher, and provide evidence from her family members.

He hates informants and lawyers

Maurice Boucher has a lot in his heart against his former supporters who have become informants and against the lawyers he describes as useless.

Without the filter, the former head of Hells Angels would not have had to ask for a spit of poison during a conversation with his daughter Alexandra, the juices of which are described in the book. Parlor.

“Godass, disgusting dirt!” He is also surprised to learn that Stephen “Kodas” Cogniz, who turned out to be his former assistant informant, can get his parole.

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Boucher, who is being held at Saint-Anne-des-Plaines Prison, the country’s only “super-maximum” security prison, lied in court by testifying for the king in the 2002 trial of a former member of the Rockers School Club who ordered the killing of two prison guards in 1997.

“I got f …”

“Mom” pours her bile on the lawyers too, saying she “gave it all”. [son] “Money” to ensure his safety and “try to get rid of informants”.

“I blindly trusted them. But I was disappointed, ”Boucher told his daughter, Alexandra, who made a” big mistake. “

He even says, “Lawyers are there to pay you […] Because you have nothing, it does not change anything “, he said some members of the bar unidentified, however,” m eaters … “.

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