Mega project that bothers the owl’s head

The development of the 495 luxury home units real estate mega project on the shores of the iconic Mount Als head on the shores of Lake Membrane is creating more and more concern among environmental activists and locals.

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Owls Head on the Lake, Quebec Inc., valued at $ 250 million, including Montreal real estate firm Vincent Sierra and Aldo CEO David Pensadown.

Among its advertisers, we also see the presence of Michael Saguda, a businessman in real estate who was already in the news in connection with the illegal felling of a hundred trees in Estri in 2010.


Screenshot, courtesy of Yannick Beaupertuis

Owl chief Sir Le Luck received $ 31.6 million in aid from Quebec, of which $ 25.6 million was non-refundable.

Show JE, Presented by our intelligence unit at 7:30 pm today on TVA, it highlights the impact of this residential complex and other projects in an area highly regarded by Quebec’s wealthy. The epidemic had the effect of exploding real estate values ​​near Lake Membrane.

A “massacre”

In May, the head of the organization, Membramocock Security Inc. (MCI), Robert Benoit, embarked on a public campaign to condemn what he described as “massacre”: the construction of a road at the head of Mount Alls that would allow luxury property to be built at height.

“When I went there [au printemps passé], I thought I was dreaming. It hit 300 feet of walls. That makes no sense. You have to see it to believe it, “he denies.

According to a survey conducted by the Owl Head Owners Association, obtained by our Bureau of Investigation, more than half of the area’s residents are concerned about the new development.

In an interview, Yannick Beaubertois, one of the brokers responsible for the Owl’s head project, praised the project. Gentle resort Considered to be “in harmony with nature and people”.

“We took an environmental awareness orientation,” he said.

A subsidiary involved

Gilles Belanger, a CAQ member at Arford, has been involved in the project from the beginning as the head of the company that bought Sky Resort when he was a partner. In an interview he gave us, however, he promised to leave the ship in June 2018.

Louis Croton and Jean Gowdett, an Estonian couple, are concerned about the development of a wide road at the head of Mount Alls.

Photo courtesy, Robert Benoit

Louis Croton and Jean Gowdett, an Estonian couple, are concerned about the development of a wide road at the head of Mount Alls.

“I got out of the way because we didn’t have a single vision,” he explained, adding that he did not accept certain decisions on water access and construction on the mountain.

He described the current project as a “playground” for wealthy business people.

“Will it be accessible to the public? Not sure,” he predicted.

Not to be missed, all the details on the show J.E. TVA, airing Friday at 9 p.m.

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