Municipal Election 2021 | Other struggles in Quebec

Municipal Election 2021 |  Other struggles in Quebec

In the shadow of the federal campaign, mayoral candidates were getting ready to jump on the bandwagon. The race is serious now. Despite feeling an “electoral fatigue”, many heated struggles are keeping Quebec municipalities alive until the November 7 referendum. Here are some.

Gabriel Beland

Gabriel Beland


Defining the latter labyrinth

Who will replace Rockies Labyrinth, one of the most popular and colorful mayors in Quebec in recent years? The question remains unresolved. A Lager poll released in June announced a three-way race between Mary-Josie Schwartz, Jean-Franோois Kozellin and Bruno Merchant. Second place of the first outgoing mayor. The vice president of the board was often in the shadow of his boss – broad, true. MMe Schwartz presents himself as a consistent candidate. Jean-Franசois Gossell, the leader of the official opposition and leader of the Quebec 21 party, is seeking a second term as mayor. This time the man softened his speech against the construction of public transport. He is the only candidate who opposes the tram, but promises to Metro if elected. Bruno Marchand is a foreigner. This former CEO of Centride received the support of former Vice President Agnes Maldai. Quebec, a former adviser to Team Labyrinth, chose to wear the colors of his party strongly and proudly. Jean Rousseau of Demonrati Quebec and Jackie Smith of Transition Quebec are also in contention.


Fournier takes the lead

Photo by Pascal Rathe, Sun.

Catherine Bornier, candidate for mayor of Longue

The race has been going on in Longway since spring. Subsequently, two strong candidates announced themselves. Former president of the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CSN) Jack Lettornio, the outgoing mayor, will run for mayor under the colors of the Action Longway party. Then Independent MP Catherine Fournier announced that she too would start at the end of April. He wants to create his own party, the Alliance Longyou, and turn his city into the “capital of innovation” in Quebec. A Mainstream poll released at the end of AugustMe Fournier had a comfortable lead (44.5%) ahead of Josie Latendress (9.8%). The latter bowed out by only 110 votes against outgoing Mayor Sylvie’s parents in 2017. Jack Lettornio is closely following (9.3%) ahead of former CEO Jean-Marc Leville (4%) at the Orchestra Symphony de Language. Mainstreet polled 1,012 people of voting age on August 24 and 25, with a margin of 3.1% error.

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The context at the center of the debate

Photo by Simon Chokin-Bertrand, Law

Maud Marquis-Pissonnet, Katino’s mayoral candidate

Mayor Maxim Betnoid-Job surprised many when he announced that he was not going to run for mayor for the third time, which sparked speculation about his political future. Young consultant Moody Marquis-Bissonet has taken over the reins of his party’s Action Katino. She wants to make the environment her priority. Katino has also experienced significant flooding, torrential rains and hurricanes in recent years. The tramway project is likely to occupy discussions. MMe The Marquis-Bissonet is in favor of the project, with his rival, France Belisle, the former CEO of Tourisme Autois. Action Katino, however, is less interested in the idea of ​​a sixth bridge to Ottawa, a subtle subject in the region. Jean-Franசois LeBlanc, an independent candidate and outgoing municipal councilor, is running for mayor. Jacques Lamey and Remy Bergeron are also in the race, including five announced candidates.


Swelling and waves

Photo by Oliver Jean, archiving the bond

Guy Karon, Rimoski’s candidate for mayor

Mayor Mark promises that the campaign to change parents will be thorny in Remoski. Candidates include Guy Karon, a former NDP MP. This graduate in public administration and regional development was excluded from the discussions of the joint committees by a majority of councilors in a referendum approved by the outgoing mayor. MMe Brooks condemned The sun In a culture of “consensus”, “one cannot oppose certain decisions”. As soon as his candidacy was announced, some current advisers asked Mr. Does not hide the preference for coronation. The economist was elected federal vice president for the Rimoski-Nike-Demiskovata-Les Bask during the Orange Wave in 2011 and then re-elected in 2015. The man with the campaign slogan “United for Remoski” will undoubtedly seek to present himself as a co-ordinating candidate. .

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Three-way competition

Photo by Yan Doublet, archiving the sun

Luke Ford, candidate for mayor of Sherbrook

Who knows how the outcome of the race for mayor of Sherbrook can be predicted. Outgoing mayor Steve Lucier will face two candidates. Luke Ford, a former Liberal minister in the Coulard government, has just started racing. The 39-year-old man was defeated by Christine Labrie in 2018 in solidarity. Mr. Fordin will seek to present himself as the center’s candidate, a cohesive choice. Councilor Evelyn Patin, the leader of the Sherbrook citizen, who is more closely associated with the Left, would like to portray his two opponents as representatives of the current situation. The outgoing mayor is also likely. Steve Lucier had a 61% satisfaction rate last February, according to the Navigator survey conducted for Les Coopes DL Information.

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