More donors since Duheim is the leader of PCQ

In six months, the Quebec Conservative Party (PCQ) collected more donations from Quebec Solitaire (QS) in 2019 and 2020 than in a full year.

Since the beginning of this year, the right-wing party, led by former host Eric Duhaim, has collected donations from 4,011 voters.

PCQ can boast of being able to trust more donors than Quebec Solid in 2019 (3,482) and in 2020 (3,784). The party is competing with the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ), which collected contributions from 4,232 in 2019, but only 3,676 last year, among epidemics.

Very low average donation

On the other hand, the total amount raised by PCQ is less significant than its competitors because of a smaller average donation per voter.

Asking for feedback on these results underscores the fact that the PCQ leader actually launched a fundraising campaign after his election in mid-April.

“Before that, money was raised for the leadership race,” says Eric Duheim.

I have to say that the new leader is very active in building a war chest. Yurik Duheim is increasing the number of meetings with his supporters via Facebook Live, in addition to the regional “tour” of members on the Zoom platform.

Because of its previous election scores, the PCQ receives little funding from the Chief Electoral Officer.

“We will have to raise a lot of money if we want to at least compete with our opponents in the next elections because we will not have the public money that others have,” Mr Duhaim explains.

To date, with 130,554 mobilizations, popular fundraising has its limits. The party needs to double its harvest to achieve the PLQ and QS of previous years.

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In addition, the average donation to PCQ is very low, only $ 32. Traditionally, other parties collect average donations varying between $ 64 for QS and $ 93 for PLQ.

Eric Duheim believes this is because his party is particularly “sacrificing from COVID”, which is economically vulnerable to the epidemic.

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