Murder in the Pyramid: The video of the “most interested” person has been released

Following a more active investigation, we would like to publicly release a video of someone who is more interested in the investigation., SPVQ spokesman David Bytross explains.

Video montage shows looping scenes of a man wearing a black coat, hood, pants and a mask.

The command post was established this morning

As part of the public dissemination of these images, a command post will be installed in front of the Saint-Phoebe Pyramid from 10 a.m. Monday.

Michael Pettit died after being stabbed near the Pyramid of Saint-Phoebe.

Photo: Facebook

At 11:30 a.m., the victim’s sister, Stephanie Pettit, will address the media to deliver a message to the public.

Michel Petit, 37, was stabbed on October 26, just minutes after he parked his car in the Pyramid parking lot, according to his relatives. Shortly before the attack he was seen with unusual anxiety.

One suspect was arrested He was later released the day after the tragedy.

Known in police circles

A first command post is then installed in the same place, SPVQ seeks witnesses It will help to clarify the circumstances surrounding the crime.

A large police truck in front of the Pyramid de Saint-Foy.

A command post was set up near the pyramid to continue the investigation.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sebastien Tangue

Michael Pettit, for his part, had several criminal records. He was charged with drug trafficking in 2017 and breaking and entering in 2018.

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