April 21, 2024

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Nurses Premium | Angrily, ABDS withdrew its vote on the Quebec offer

(Montreal) The end of an agreement approved by the 60,000 members of the APDS on health and social services to provide bonuses to nurses.

Leah Levsky
Canadian Press

The Alliance of Professional and Technical Employees in Health and Social Services (APTS) has stopped consulting with its 60,000 members. They were in the process of deciding on the latest offer to renew Quebec’s collective agreement, which dates back to June.

These are bonuses offered to unskilled nurses.

With this announcement, everything changed. During the negotiations (in June), we were told that there was no room for maneuver and no more money. And, all of a sudden, we found the money, ”said Robert Gomev, interim chairman of APTS.

The Coalition resigned its government offer in June to its members, which included progress but was considered incomplete. The consultation of its members has only just begun.

It then announced a bonus of up to $ 18,000 for returning Quebec nurses to the public network. But other health technicians and professionals are not affected by this bonus.

“This has ruined our road show (of concession). For us, people will no longer vote on the same platforms,” ​​Mr Gomez said.

APDS refers to clinical imaging technicians, laboratory technicians, speech therapists, physical therapy therapists, dietitians-nutritionists, and workers in youth centers.

Thousands of medical imaging exams and waiting lists for overworked employees He argues that patients often approach one of its members thinking it is a nurse.

“We also have trouble attracting and retaining staff. We have the same problem as nurses.

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Ready for strike?

So APTS would like to meet soon with Sonia Lebel, Chairperson of the Treasury Board, and Prime Minister Franசois Legalt. “We want to know why our team was not considered.”

He said he was ready to revive his strike order if necessary. This issue is pending.

APDS members have already voted in favor of the ten-day strike order. They left on June 7 and 8, and on June 21 and 22. So they have six days to strike.