April 16, 2024

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Partial closure of the emergency department at Lachine Hospital

Emergency and intensive care units at Lachin Hospital in Montreal are open only during the day, with no time limit until November 8.

This decision has been taken due to lack of staff to fill the schedule. Mainly among respiratory therapists and nurses.

The MUHC told TVA Nouvelles that it had been trying for months to lend staff to the emergency room, but to no avail.

“LaSalle and Lakeshore hospitals are not too far away and obviously our city sites. We are going to look at everything to make sure that patients who come in too much in the evening or at night do not knock on the closed door or no one else,” explains Dr. Eva Sidorovich, director of professional services at MUHC.

The doctors of the institution condemn this situation as unacceptable to them.

“When a person comes in with a heart attack, how can we justify closing the emergency at 4pm and 4:15 pm? What are we going to do, he’s going to knock on the door, he’s going to go in the taxi, he’s going to wait for the ambulance?” Dr. Paul Sabah, Chairman of the Physicians Council of Lachin Hospital, condemns.

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