Plane crash in Montreal | “Investigation just started”

Plane crash in Montreal |  “Investigation just started”

One person was killed and another was injured in a plane crash Saturday night in Tippee’s Park, Montreal. The body of the plane will be removed and taken to the Transport Safety Board (TSB) laboratory in Ottawa, where the investigation will begin, which could take up to a year.

Massa Ferra

Massa Ferra

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Coralie Laplande

“We documented all the elements around the scene that could tell what happened, and then we inspected the device,” explains BST’s Inspector Pierre Cavillett since 2007.

Very soon to support a hypothesis about the origin of the accident. In particular, the TSB will explore the possibility of mechanical failure or adverse weather. We will also test whether the length of the banner – which showed the marriage proposal – is legal.

DSP investigators carefully inspected the crash site overnight from Saturday to Sunday. The group left the scene around 2 a.m. and returned Sunday morning.

Investigators will meet with the pilot in the coming days, when his health permits. Authorities did not release the identity of the passenger who died in the crash Sunday.

The aircraft involved is a Cesna 172 registered C-FFRV, owned by Gian Piero Siamese. The man is the head of aerogram, an aeronautical advertising agency.

Mr. Siamese is an experienced pilot. In 2008, with the same plane involved in Saturday night’s play, he won the Robert-Pitche trophy in 2006 for his emergency landing on Avenue to Park in Montreal.

The pilot’s brother, Gian Carlo Siamella, said Press On Sunday morning he was on his way to the bed of Gian Piero, who was admitted to the hospital in Montreal General Hospital. At the time of its release, no further information was available about his health.

Press Got the audio recording of the last control tower call made by the pilot. “Made” a male voice said. The operator tells the person to repeat what they said. His question was not answered.

Note that a cut was made between the two juices for about 1 minute 30 seconds.

The BST, with the help of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM), is still searching for the banner released before the crash.

According to Mr Cavillot, the banner could be removed at any time if the pilot had to make an emergency landing. “We did not see her near the plane, so it may have been voluntary [la banderole] Pays resistance. But as far as we talk to the pilot, these are all speculations. ”

A hypothesis raised by Jean Lapointe, a retired pilot and civil aviation expert.

“In its practice, when [le pilote] He found that there were some reasons for his plane to lose altitude, and he would have done three things. He would have dropped his banner, secondly, he would have announced Medea at the Torval Control Tower, and thirdly, he would have tried to land his plane in a safe way. [possible] 2, in an interview with Mr. Press.

Should the pilot be alone when pulling advertising banners? “It depends on the rules, but having two passengers on this type of aircraft is not unprecedented. It will be part of our investigation,” Pierre Cavillett of the BST said briefly.

Photo by Andrzej Ivanov, Special Gallery

All scenarios are still being explored and many factors may have played a determining role in the tragedy.

All the scenes are still on the table

All the scenes are still being explored, says Jean Lapoint. Many factors in tragedy may have played a determining role, he explains.

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First, he estimates that the cloud ceiling, i.e. the distance between the ground and the cloud base, was less than 1000 feet on Saturday evening.

The lower the ceiling, the less time the pilot has to land his emergency plane.

Jean Lapoint, retired pilot and civil aviation expert

However, “if the controller allows the aircraft to enter its control zone, it is at that time [de l’accident]Although not optimal in terms of weather conditions, ceiling height, cloud base and visibility, Transport may be similar to the rules allowed by Canada, ”explains Jean Lapoint.

To the expert, “I wonder if the structure of the aircraft is involved”. The Cessna 172 is the most frequently used aircraft in aviation schools and is described as easy to fly. Dragging a banner complicates the pilot’s maneuver.

“A certain skill of the pilot is to fly at low altitudes and at low speeds, with a banner at the back of his aircraft, which is heavy, but offers a lot of resistance to the wind. ‘Wind,’ Lapointe explains.

When help arrives at the crash site, the plane’s four “cardinal points”, namely the nose, two wings and the plane’s tail, can be seen. An element that indicates that the pilot may have “partial control” of the aircraft refers to Jean Lapoint.

“So there is a breakdown of the fuel system [causant l’incendie], The impact was certainly violent, which could be explained by the very low speed and lack of power, ”the expert underlined.

The TSB report on this tragedy is expected to be filed within a year. However, an interim report may be issued within the next 30 days.

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