Plane crash in Montreal | Site survey completed, but “investigation just started”

One person was killed and another injured Saturday night at Dip Park in Montreal, ending the specialization of the scene of the horrific plane crash. Teams at the site are preparing to take the wreckage to the Transport Safety Board (TSB) laboratory in Ottawa.

Massa Ferra

Massa Ferra

“We documented all the elements around the scene that could tell what happened, and then we inspected the aircraft,” explains PST Inspector Pierre Cavillett since 2007.

Photo by Andrzej Ivanov, Special Gallery

Very soon to support a hypothesis about the origin of the accident. TSB will study the possibility of a mechanical failure, unfavorable weather. We will also check whether the length of the banner – which shows the marriage proposal – is regulated.

DSP investigators carefully inspected the crash site overnight from Saturday to Sunday. The group left the scene at 2 a.m. and returned early in the morning.

Photo by Andrzej Ivanov, Special Gallery

Investigators will meet with the pilot in the coming days, when his health permits.

“The investigation is just beginning. In the meantime, audio recordings and radar tracks have been released. We can analyze the flight path,” Mr. Cavillett continued.

La Press has an audio recording in which the pilot can be heard calling for help. “Made” a male voice said. The operator tells the person to repeat what they said. His question was not answered.

The BST, with the help of the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM), is still searching for the banner released before the crash.

Photo courtesy of Folix Language

The small plane flew low over the St. Lawrence River “Chandel you Mary Mary?” “.

According to Mr Cavillot, the banner could be removed at any time if the pilot had to make an emergency landing. “She was not near the plane. So it could have been voluntary, because [la banderole] Pays resistance. But as far as we talk to the pilot, these are all speculations. ”

Should the pilot be alone when pulling advertising banners? “It depends on the rules, but having two passengers on this type of aircraft is not unprecedented. It will be part of our investigation,” the expert said succinctly.

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