Quebec to announce new health measures in the coming days | Corona virus

Quebec to announce new health measures in the coming days |  Corona virus

At the end of a meeting with Dr. Horacio Arruda, Director of National Public Health, the Prime Minister recalled that Quebec should be Sensible.

As elsewhere in the world, the number of recent cases is worrying, He writes.

In Troyes-Rivers, the increase in cases, This greatly worries the authorities, Mandatory two bars and a restaurant To temporarily close their doors The city of Mars currently has the highest number of active cases per 100,000 citizens, i.e. 75. Quebec has established 14.7 active cases per 100,000 population.

The Prime Minister reiterates thatGetting your two-dose vaccine is more important than ever. As of Wednesday, 5.02 million CBs of 12 and over had received adequate vaccination (67%) and 1.24 million had received the first dose alone.

Prime Minister Franois LeCald has repeatedly stated that his goal is to have a full vaccination of 75% of eligible Cubs by September, and that this trend can only be achieved if it continues. However, some age groups are still lagging behind, with 72% of 18-29 year olds and only 74% of 12 to 17 year olds receiving the first dose.

He is a Achieving high immunization rates in age groups targeted by the vaccine campaign is important to achieve collective immunity that protects the entire population, including young people., Recalled the press release.

Health passport case

Quebec is increasingly considering the need for vaccination certification for citizens who wish to participate in non-essential activities such as going to a restaurant or theater.

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No official announcement has been made yet in this regard. However, today Mr. of Quebec. The matter will be discussed during a meeting between Legalt and Public Health.

Labor Minister Jean-Poulette, who is in charge of the Mauritius region, also raised the possibility earlier Wednesday. He mentions a significant increase in Govt-19 cases in his region.

We are prepared to do so as an alternative to imprisonment or change of status in the Mauritius region.

A quote:Jean Powell, Minister in charge of Labor and Murcilago

The Legalt government has on several occasions indicated that it wants at all costs to avoid rebuilding Quebec in the event of a new wave of epidemics. The vaccine passport can be a tool to accelerate the vaccination campaign in the province.

This opportunity is welcomed by the business community. In the interview MIDI info, Carl Blackburn, CEO of the Employers’ Council, urged the government to adopt the move quickly.

The use of the vaccine passport may add to the level of protection for companies and the general public. We call [le gouvernement] By doing it quickly, we can get a specific estimate for the functions, A dit m. Blackburn.

The vaccination campaign ends

The dosages of the Pfizer vaccine in Quebec will be last until further notice this week, the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services said in a statement on Wednesday. A total of 585,000 doses will thus be given to health institutions.

From next week, the quantities that Quebec receives will be kept in reserve. The province says there is enough to vaccinate eligible people by August 31st. This reserve will allow those arriving in Quebec late to receive a two-dose vaccine or to administer a third dose in certain special cases, especially those at risk or those who have received injections of two different vaccines.

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Currently, there are more than two million in reserves in Quebec. The rest will be sent back to Ottawa.

The province says there are enough bottles to meet the demand. If the epidemiological situation changes, it is always possible Issue an additional order to the Central Government, The Ministry states.

Vaccination centers in companies also begin to close their doors as they slow down. This is the case for temporary clinics at Montreal Airport, Cascades and Rio Tinto Alcon.

Screening in Montreal is declining

As the number of Govt-19 infections continues to rise, screenings continue to decline, says David Kaiser, head of the urban environment and population health department at the Montreal Directorate of Public Health.

He notices that people are waiting a long time for the test. Delays of three days or more between the onset of their symptoms and their screening test were noted by the staff of the health network.

This not only makes public health work more difficult, but also increases the risk of contagion, he said.

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