The dog rescued him after he was stuck in a ditch for two days

The dog rescued him after he was stuck in a ditch for two days

A southern Alberta man was rescued Thursday after being stuck in a ditch for two days thanks to the efforts of his dog.

According to Global News, concerned citizens alerted police to a large dog roaming around a sugar mill in Taber, Alberta.

The injured and distraught dog reportedly bit a man and another dog who were walking in the area before being found by police.

Once, a howling sound was heard from a ditch where the Akita dog was protected. They then noticed a 61-year-old man stuck in a muddy ditch behind tall grass.

After emerging from the ditch, the man told police his dog, named Hero, protected him from the coyotes and kept him warm for two days.

Police say the man was walking his dogs when he got stuck in the mud. As the place where he fell was far from the road, no one heard his screams for two days.

Global News reports that the man and dog bitten by Hero are receiving medical treatment and are doing well. Given the circumstances, the man was not charged for the bite.

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