The fraudster Lacroix is ​​still in trouble

Fraudster Vincent Lacroix, who was behind the big plan 20 years ago, has to return home half a month after making threatening remarks against his neighbor.

“Behavior […] One of your usual publishing conditions is a major violation of law and order and not disturbing public order. When the situation is assessed, the Commission considers it reasonable to place a more significant framework, ”reads the September 20 decision of the Parole Board of Canada (BBC).

On August 27, fraudster Vincent Lacrois, 54, was arrested after a verbal altercation with a neighbor, who allegedly threatened him. During the exchange he himself appears to have felt a threat to his family, the document explains.

Special order

To avoid escalating the conflict, a special order was issued on August 30 to prevent him from returning to his home.

His case is still in the hands of the Director of Criminal and Penal Cases (DPCP), but no charges have been registered against him so far.

After all, the BBC is fit to stay in a community housing company for three months and assess the situation. “Such action can ensure that it is an isolated event and not an organizational one.

When Vincent Lacroix, President of Norfolk, left the palace in Montreal in June 2008.

Photo D’Arcives, Ben Pelos

When Vincent Lacroix, President of Norfolk, left the palace in Montreal in June 2008.

This “special condition” is imposed to “protect the community, including the victims” and “promote social reunification”.

The man behind the nearly $ 100 million “Norberg affair” scam, which claimed 9,200 victims between 2014 and 2002, was on full parole.

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“Unspeakable” damage

“The moral and financial damage suffered by the victims is unspeakable,” the commission recalls.

One of his victims, a 66-year-old man, was forced to return to work for six years after stealing nearly $ 300,000 from him.

“I lost everything. It was a shock in a lifetime, especially at my age. […] He completely stole my pension. I have no other pension fund, ”Michael Vagina told TVA Nouvelles in 2019, after years of legal setbacks to recover her money.

The Septuagenarian eventually recovered only two-thirds.

In 2008, Lacroix was sentenced to nearly 18 years in prison. He has no history of violent crime.

– With Andre Lafarge, VAT News

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