Two false statements in an interview with Denis Coder

Two false statements in an interview with Denis Coder

Valérie Plante's management says Denise Coderre made “false claims” that no representatives of the City of Montreal attended Brian Mulroney's funeral.

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In an interview on LCN, the former mayor of Montreal declared: Brian Mulroney, his whole family is from Toronto, he chose Montreal, the former mayor of Toronto John Tory was there, Mayor Bruno Marchant came, Catherine Fournier from Longueuil was not there, no. A cat from Montreal.

LCN screenshot

However, the president of the city council, Martin Moussau Mule, told TVA Nouvelles that he was indeed present at the funeral.

“As President of the Municipal Council, I invite all the elected officials of the Municipal Council of the City of Montreal to the funeral, Mr. I also had the privilege of representing Mulroney at his funeral. His family's generosity,” says No. 2 in Montreal.

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He also noted that “the City of Montreal is honored to welcome the family, loved ones and collaborators of Mr. Brian Mulroney, a great Montrealer who made our nation's history.”

The person with the highest ethical ranking after Valérie Plante is Martine Musau Muele.

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Also, the mayor's office explained that Ms. Plante was unable to attend the funeral due to a long-term incapacitating commitment.

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However, this is the second misinformation Denise Coderre gave during the same interview.

Indeed, career politician Valerie Plante insisted on Thursday that she would not seek re-election in the next elections.

The mayor's office continues to deny this information.

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