Up to 40 cm of snow at the gates of Quebec

Published on April 26, 2023 at 11:02 pm

Two moisture-rich systems can do wonders. forecast.

Tanks and traffic jams

Ontario and Quebec fare worst. An atmospheric trough can trap cold when two systems sweep across two provinces. With the intense descent of the cold, precipitation will fall in solid form in certain areas.

snow1 (5)

Lots of rainfall

From Saturday to Tuesday, more rain is expected. Initially, a disturbance from Colorado with high humidity will produce a lot of rain in Quebec. Then, another system from Texas will reach our latitudes early next week. La Belle Province will receive rain by Tuesday. In hilly terrain, light accumulation of snow is expected.

SNOW3 (5)

heavy snow

In some parts of Ontario, winter hasn’t had its last word. Up to 40 cm of snow is possible by Tuesday. Areas north of Lake Superior will be particularly affected. In Quebec, the small white carpet is native to Charlevoix, northern ChagunĂ©, northern coast, and the Cape of the CaspĂ©. Snowfall is expected north of Montreal.

SNOW4 (3)

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