Weather in Quebec: Rain spoils the long weekend

Weather in Quebec: Rain spoils the long weekend

The weather will be changeable with gray weather and rain to the chagrin of Quebecers planning to go out this long weekend.

A low pressure area will move across Quebec on Saturday, bringing lots of clouds in its wake and bringing rain to the western part of the province.

The weather promises to be cloudy for most of Quebec, but the mercury will rise, especially in Montreal and Quebec.

On the other hand, rain may invite itself overnight from Saturday to Sunday, especially affecting areas north of the St. Lawrence River Valley.

Environment Canada is expecting morning showers in the eastern part of the province, where temperatures will be below normal for the season.

Sunday promises rain for central and eastern Quebec, while in Montreal, there is a 70% chance of rain with a mercury of 20 degrees.

Meanwhile, Quebecers will be able to take advantage of a beautiful day on Friday that will be sunny with some clouds, but will turn dense in eastern Quebec.

Temperatures will rise to 25 degrees in Montreal and slightly lower in Quebec and Estrey.

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