Winter Preview: An unforgettable season in Quebec

Monday, November 29, 2021 at 6:08 am – Winter in Quebec will be unforgettable. In fact, many storms are snowing on the menu and probably raining with rain and snow. Also, MétéoMédia experts predict short seasons with comfortable temperatures and a smooth finish.

For the coming winter, what to keep in mind:

  • Winter storms: high rainfall;
  • Convenient winter: warmer than normal;
  • Short winter: starts late.

An unforgettable winter

“In December, the winter regime with snow and normal temperatures will allow winter to begin. After that, everything points to a period of mild dominance in January and February,” commented MétéoMédia’s chief meteorologist André Monette.

For board sports enthusiasts, the snow cover, installed at the beginning of the season, will allow you to take advantage of the province’s supply. These outdoor activities will be especially appreciated in the fields to the north and east of the larger metropolitan area.


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A cozy winter

All parts of Quebec will experience warmer temperatures this winter. In eastern North America, a mild regime will dominate as cold weather affects western Canada. “Winter emerges in two stages,” says Andre Monet. A late season followed a particularly mild autumn. In December, winter conditions are most stable with temperatures close to seasonal conditions. After that, lightness will dominate the rest of the winter. However, the three-month average is higher than normal. “

Overview T QC

The predicted softness regime is explained by a dominant atmospheric environment. First, the La Nina event supports cold distribution in western North America. In addition, La Belle County benefits from moderate temperatures, often with the availability of hot water in the Atlantic. A crisis situation is needed in Alaska and Greenland for Quebec to sink into the polar cold.

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Storms for all tastes

Having established itself well for the second year in a row a moderate La Nina event, Quebec will find itself in the corridors of the valleys. The 2021-2022 winter is expected to be operational. The cold weather in western Canada will encourage the return of the jet stream to La Belle County.

Snow Preview QC

As the number of storms increases this year, rain, snow and ice mixes are still possible. Depending on the route of the obstacles, St. Lawrence Valley will be most affected by the various rainfall patterns. A large number of organizations from South America visit the province.

Prop Winter MTL

Lots of moisture

“With an active jet stream on the Pacific side, the systems that will form in Colorado will be the majority this winter,” explains meteorologist Regine Oymet. Humidity in the Gulf of Mexico contributes to high rainfall this season. There will be more snowfall and total rainfall than normal. However, the compounds also attract attention. “

Overview P QC

The second chapter is La Nina

The La Nina event will be the second year in a row this winter. In fact, this cold water temperature anomaly in the Central Pacific has an indirect effect on our regions. This phenomenon has the effect of affecting the temperature in the western part of North America. Below normal mercury is expected in the Canadian Prairie, Yukon and Northwest regions. Right now, experts agree that this is a moderate La Nina episode. In fact, this means that Quebec will be entitled to an active winter marked by moderate temperatures.

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Host La Nina

Overview of the average temperature in Quebec

Everything points to the fact that all parts of Quebec will claim more than normal mercury this winter.

Tmoy in winter

Overview of winter snow in Quebec

In winter, this year’s rainfall will be higher due to the impact of the dominant La Nina event. Snowfall is higher than usual during the season everywhere except in the eastern part of the province. In addition, mixed rainfall is expected with moderate temperatures, especially in the St. Lawrence Valley.

Cities where snow is expected

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