Your dog can no longer walk during curfew orders

(Montreal) Quebec will not exempt its dog from walking during a curfew order that went into effect on Friday.

The order, which refers to the provisions of the curfew law in force from 10pm to 5am, does not exempt dog walking, as it ended last May.

The Canadian Press has confirmed the information originally published by Radio-Canada in consultation with Order No. 2021-096 of the Minister of Health and Social Services for December 31, 2021.

During the previous curfew order, an order stated that a person could be defamed “for the needs of his dog, within a maximum radius of one kilometer around his residence or whatever its location.”

The exception between those allowed to attend a service station and allowed to go with the person in need of assistance is described later, with the exception of this order and those that appear in the same order.

The dog exception was mentioned on Friday afternoon on the Quebec government website describing the exceptions, but it was not on Saturday.

When asked by the Canadian Press whether the request was made deliberately or without oversight, Health Minister Christian Dube’s Office referred to Public Safety Minister Genevieve Gilbold as “throwing the ball. Health”.

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