Aric Duhaime in CAQ hands

The revelation apparently had the effect of a bomb, which he received a call from the Prime Minister, ordering him not to cross the council. But, against all odds, the member decided last week to pay $ 100 into the PCQ fund. In politics, the guilt of faith comes at a high price. Franுவாois Legalt immediately removed her from his toilet.

But it’s not just Claire Samson. These days, Eric Duheim is engaged in an intensive testing session with elected officials of the National Assembly. He consults with a few members of the CAQ, but also with members of the Liberal Caucus. According to our sources, he should also be eating with two of them this week.

We acknowledge that the Conservative leader’s entourage is made up of a majority of elected officials Really send him for a walk, But always a few disgruntled people are willing to listen. His favorite goal: An established spouse, at the end of his career, disagrees with his boss and feels a certain awkwardness in the government’s health instructions.

Eric Duheim’s goal is to add at least one deputy to his camp, which he hopes will give access to the National Assembly to hold press conferences and participate in the leaders’ debate during the next election campaign.

Political Solage

He will be a stepping stone in the shoes of Franுவாois Legalt during the next general election, predicted by a former elected representative of the Democratic du Quebec (ADQ) who rubbed shoulders with Eric Duheim when he was Mario Dumont’s political adviser. He will not oust him from power, but he will be serious, especially in Quebec, he says.

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Another former ADQ member, on the contrary, thinks this is a flash. He’s going to self-destruct himself, he says. He recalled his time with Federal Conservative leader Stockwell Day. He sent over the water inside Sea-Do And then it was over. He adds that it is more Terrorist Than ADQ. In other words, it is camped on the right rather than the old party.

Eric Duheim, with his platform of voters, vehemently opposed the Legalt government’s actions. One thing Stephen Harper’s conservatives enjoyed was that he built his own site, his Grassroots, By uniting anti-abortion and radical activists. With his political base established, Chief Duheim now wants to focus more on his message, but his strategic position will be firmly on the right, on the latent ADQ model.

Not only is he active on the ground, he is also preparing his election platform. Senator Jose Werner is already campaigning for him. Mark Bellemere, a well-known former Liberal minister in Quebec, is the head of the PCQ’s Political Commission on Justice, especially Senator Pierre-Hughes Boisevenu.

Other personalities also gave their support to Eric Duheim. The case of Evelyn Abidpole, the candidate for the party Cubacois, was also appointed Special Adviser on Diversity when Jean-Franசois Lizzie was president. Duheim also includes Luce Danio, the Quebec Solitaire’s disappointed candidate in Drummond’s rides in 2007 and 2008.

A ride to Duhaim

Eric Duheim will be elected in 2022. His business is in Quebec and on the south coast. Recent polls rank second on most trips in the region, but so far, far behind CAQ.

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Thus, he deceives the ADQ with its vast majority in Zhou’s constituencies in 2007 and the Suites-de-La-sudier, where Mark Picard ruled since 2003. 66-year-old Sub Picard, if not decided to run for the CAQ, Éric Duhaime may try his luck.

He should not be underestimated, says a former member who knows him well because he has the ability to occupy public space in the Quebec City area.

For now, this ability is still confusing, but it already disturbs the agenda of Franுவாois Legault, who will have to look in his review mirror because it will happen The objects in the glass are closer than they appear.

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