October 4, 2023

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Chronic Sewer Backups: Charlesburg Residents Helpless

Chronic Sewer Backups: Charlesburg Residents Helpless

Charlesburg residents say they have no choice after experiencing repeated sewer backups. They are asking Quebec City to find a solution to prevent this problem from happening again.

Due to the rains in the last few days, many owners in the area have faced this problem again. But if the corporation does not take action on this file, they fear that it will revive again.

“Every time there is a little rain, we are nervous about water coming into the basement,” said a resident.

For the third time in 12 years, this Charlesburg resident had a sewer backup this week. The infrastructure of the city is believed to be responsible for this situation.

“It was the rain in the middle of summer that did it. But every time same problem. I was told by experts and my own affirmations that my house was nothing to be ashamed of, that my house was perfect and the city was the problem,” she explains.

A few streets over, in Tricia Albert, the care is the same.

“The water is coming, we can’t control it, they say there’s nothing they can do, it doesn’t make sense, we can’t live like this. The city cannot provide sewers and it supports everything in the house. We’re a lot of neighbors and it’s the same even 8 streets away,” he explains.

The couple, who have lived on rue des éperviers for 37 years, estimate damages of at least $20,000.

“We are going to make a big demand on the city. Our insurance doesn’t cover everything, so Citi has to pay the rest,” explains the owner.

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A class action has been launched against the city.

“All Duscenio Streams to Henri Bourassa will follow the Stream, and all those who have similar problems,” says one man.

Quebec City’s opposition asks the government to take action: “We know there’s been growth in recent years, we need to improve our infrastructure in Quebec City, but it’s always a question of money, the government has to do. Contribute.”

Quebec City notes that no work is planned in the area, but is continuing its assessment to intervene where appropriate.