Labeaume Legault | In a letter to, the 3rd link broke the plan

Whether we are prime minister or mayor, sometimes we do not have all the details of projects at our level., Initially underscoring Régis Labeaume, while the CAQ turned the 3rd Amendment into one of its key promises in the 2017 election campaign.

However, in all cases, we are the ones who are responsible and we must initially consider one or more errors that we cannot distinguish., The mayor continued, noting that the prime minister has all the rights Change of idea.

In this letter, Regis LaBeouf put forward a number of arguments that called into question the usefulness of the Third Amendment between Quebec City and Lewis.

Western Transport

The outgoing mayor recalledOrigin-targeted study published in 2019 The Ministry of Transport shows that three-quarters of the vehicles that use the existing bridges every day travel from the west of Lewis to the west of Quebec.

With the current location of the third link, Regis Labyum doubts whether these motorists will be able to save time on their journey.

How do these motorists save time on this kind of road?, Asks the Prime Minister when they should ride Extra kilometers east to use the tunnel on already congested roads.

The tunnel will be built on two sites with a total of six transport lanes, two of which are reserved for public transport.

Photo: Government of Quebec

Population portrait

Mayor Labeaume also notes that over the past ten years, more than twice as many apartments have been built in the western part of Lewis than in the eastern part of the city. As for the neighboring municipalities in the East, Régis Labeaume argues MRC de Bellechasse will experience very low population growth Of the region.

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In contrast, in the West is Lotpinier’s MRC, which will experience 21% strong population growth to reach nearly 40,000 by 2041., The mayor continues to demonstrate that new residents of the region would like to cross the existing bridges to Quebec through a third connection.

Regis Labyum also notes that the population of Lewis and the three surrounding RCMs is aging. By 2041, the Institute de la Statistics to Quebec predicts that 81,000 people aged 65 and over will be 74% more.

The population of the South Coast aged 65 and over was made up of retirees who went naturally outside of peak seasons., Regis Labyum advances to further doubt the necessity of a third connection.

Aerial view of the Pierre-Laporte Bridge.

Can a traffic lane be added to the Pierre-Laporte Bridge?

Photo: Courtesy of Paul Dion

Alternative solutions

Outgoing Mayor Coquista is not satisfied with questioning the government’s plan, and he is proposing several possible solutions to improve the movement in the region at low cost.

First, the traffic lane should be added to the Pierre-Laporte bridge. The direction of traffic in the morning and evening as you do on the Golden Bridge in San Francisco To increase Ability to rotate over a third of the bridge.

Regis Labyum emphasizes the importance of rebuilding the road network that allows access to existing bridges and the creation of a more efficient public transport system on the Lewis side.

Together, these solutions will fix the road congestion situation in the long run, and it seems to me that this is only part of the $ 10 billion investment planned for the tunnel., Régis Labeaume concludes.

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