The anniversary of the death of Joyce Echakuan is a discriminatory conflict over formal racism

(Quebec) The tragic anniversary of the death of Joyce Echaquen provoked a discriminatory confrontation over formal racism in Saloon Blue. The health minister, Christian Dube, said he was “very disappointed” to learn that only 1% of health workers followed the mandatory training mandated after his death.

Fanny Lewesque

Fanny Lewesque

The Liberal Party and the Quebec Solidarity Institute on Tuesday acknowledged the legitimate government’s presence of formal racism in Quebec, while September 28 marks the anniversary of the death of Joyce Echaquan, who died as a result of racist insults at Joliet Hospital’s nursing staff.

Both political parties called on the government to recognize the “Joyce Policy” which guarantees equal access to health and social services to indigenous peoples. Prime Minister Franசois LeCald said he agreed to “agree” with the “Joyce policy” but refused to abide by it as it sought to recognize formal racism.

“We all have a responsibility […] All Indigenous peoples should have access to our services without any discrimination in our networks, ”Mr Legalt said. “There is racism in Quebec, and we must fight it. This is not the time to divide the Cubans by a few words,” he added, answering a question from parliamentarian Gabriel Nado-Dubois.

Photo by Jacques Poissonad, Canadian Press

Gabriel Nado-Dubois, Speaker of Parliament for the Quebec Project.

Quebec Solitaire accused the Legalt government of “delaying” the healing process of the First Nations by refusing to recognize formal racism. “We saw that during the debate a few weeks ago [des chefs fédéraux] In English, what is that fight for some words? I do not know why the leader of the second opposition group is splitting the Cubs, ”he added.

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In response to Gabriel Nado-Dubois, Mr. Legalt said, “Let’s unite the Cubs instead of being extremist and sitting in a corner.”

In turn, Liberal leader Dominic Anglet asked the Prime Minister to approve the “Joyce policy” during question time. “We need to take this action collectively, recognizing Joyce’s policy,” he explained.

“I agree with Joyce ‘s policy.

“I am outraged that the Prime Minister chose this question based on Joyce’s policy, based on the fact that there are seven tribal children living in Quebec. [de Joyce Echaquan] To attack the behavior of a member who has nothing to be ashamed of, “said Liberal MP Andre Ford.

Franுவாois Legalt mentions a video taken during a Black Lives Matter rally on June 12, where the Liberal MP “Restriction and Withdrawal of Rights”.

Ian Lafrenier, the minister in charge of Indigenous Affairs, attended a ceremony Tuesday in Joliet in memory of Joyce Eichuan. The Legalt government is set to present a motion to Saloon Blue on Wednesday in honor of Joyce Echuan.

Mandatory training: According to the tube, “unacceptable” deployment

Minister Christian Dupe said he was “very disappointed” to learn that only 1% of health workers followed the compulsory training following his death.

Photo by Jacques Poissonad, Canadian Press

Minister of Health, Christian Dube.

“You know I’m here to protect the network, to find balance, so we can say that all staff time is allocated to Govt, but I do not accept that,” Minister Christian Dubey lamented on Tuesday.

On Monday, Press Only 1% of the approximately 300,000 health and social service workers completed compulsory training on tribal realities. By March 2022 in Quebec, half the staff of the public network must have completed this 90-minute training.

“There’s been a little more training in the Joliet area for example, but it’s small […] I am not comfortable with the percentage we have at the moment, ”he told a news conference.

Mr. Dubai asked Deputy Minister Dominic Chao to “find ways” with companies to “accelerate” the spread of training.

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