Saguenay Police Intervention at Vite desSINs Pastry Store in Jancouver | Corona virus

They tell themselves BurnedThe owner of a pastry shop located in rue Saint-Dominique, Stéphanie Hariot, announced on Wednesday that he would welcome some customers to his small dining room with about ten seats on Thursday morning.

The Sakune Police Service (SPS) intervened in the business after receiving criticism from the public health department.

The merchant would have stated that he did not want to respect his duty to suspend his activities at the restaurant or restaurant; Moreover, the dissemination of images in the media gave us reason to trust the Commission for violating government orders., The police force said in a statement sent to the media on Thursday afternoon.

Police established the identity of the owner and some customers who consumed the goods on the site. The investigation is ongoing and no comment will be made.

Earlier, on Thursday, Public Health Radio-Canada indicated it would not comment on the file.

Louis Hebert, Louis Cloutier and Jean-Fran்கois Lace did not hesitate to sit in the Quick of Sin business, despite health measures in place that prevented them from opening their dining rooms.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Claude Bouchard

Andree Laforest, the minister in charge of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and Chicoutimi MP, for his part, calls on restaurants to be patient. I am currently very sensitive to the demand coming from restaurants. I know this is a difficult situation and this epidemic, not everyone can wait until it is over, Recalled the assistance provided by the government to restaurants and businesses affected by health activities.

It calls for solidarity in supporting the hospital system. I ask for solidarity, we ask you to stand hand in hand because we must respect the instructions of public health, She added.

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50% Reopen dining rooms

The Quick Off Sins pastry store has only 17 locations on Thursday. In the morning, when Radio-Canada visited the pastry shop, a few customers decided to sit down at the tables in the dining room in favor of the shopkeeper.

Other customers lined up to buy take-out items expressed their support for the pastry shop, but did not support the owner’s decision to reopen the dining room in protest of health measures.

Owner Stephanie Harriet decided on Thursday to use the same health measures that were in place before the announcement of Quebec Restaurant dining rooms will be closed on December 30th.

Stephanie Harriet is urging the government to reopen restaurant dining rooms at 50% capacity, as it was before it closed at the end of December.

We will work, earn our bread, and be able to pay for ourselves Bills. Give me a chance not to lose my house, Give me a chance to continue to contribute to the payment of my taxes to save the health system, Said.

The owner of the pastry refuses to adhere to anti-vaccine or conspiracy theories and insists that he has always adhered to health measures since the onset of the epidemic. He also sets himself apart from restaurant owners who want to reopen their dining room on December 30.Disgusting (New window)Disgusting Without the use of a vaccination passport.

At a press conference on Thursday, Quebec Premier Franசois Legold said it was too early. Relax further steps.

Fine up to $ 6,000

Closing businesses on Sundays means employers have to retire due to labor issues. An action that was in effect until last SundayThat straw that broke the camel’s back to Stephanie Harriet, who works alone on Sundays.

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But at the time, McDonald’s, A&W, Tim Hortons of this world, they were open, and they were the ones facing the problem. workers. So, for a moment, no, no. I mean, everyone is in the same boat, or nobody, She lamented.

Delivery and orders will be collected at the counter, however, there was a potential option for restaurants during the first three Sundays of January when businesses are closed, according to the Ministry of Health and Social Services.

The Ministry reminds us that these measures are not recommendations but obligations. They are placed to protect the health of the people. Shops and restaurants must comply with these rules, otherwise fines may be imposedWe notice in the email sent to Radio-Canada.

Any offense is punishable by a fine of $ 1,000 to $ 6,000. Public Health Act.

Men place orders at the trade counter.

Customers came to the Vite desSINs pastry shop to have coffee at a table or to buy groceries.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Claude Bouchard

The owner believes that health measures are no longer meaningless. At some point, it should make sense, it makes no sense anymore. When I have no logic, it is only when I leave that I am made indifferent to its consequences.

Stéphanie Hariot says he does not want to be Dependent Government assistance says she needs income from her small dining room to deal with inflation, and to cope with the difficulties she faces since reopening her pastry shop at the start of the epidemic, she has come from all that she lost in the water damage.

With information from Claude Bouchard

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