The storm makes travel in Quebec dangerous

By 8 a.m., at least 23 centimeters of snow, sometimes heavy, had already fallen in Quebec. 5 to 10 cm in Quebec City.

The capital received more than 20 mm of rain during the day on Thursday earlier, when the mercury was above freezing.

This weather cocktail will complicate travel on sidewalks and public roads for several days.

The streets of Quebec are covered with snow.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Eric Sonard

Many failures and recessions

Dozens of material accidents and road trips took place across the road network in Quebec City on Friday morning.

Significant recessions are also seen, especially on the south coast where motorists want to cross bridges as well as on every highway in Quebec. Some motorists experience difficulty in the mountains leading to the upper city, including the Cte ​​d’Abraham and Cte d’Azur Potass.

Conditions in the east of the province, especially in the Montmagny-L’Islet field, are very difficult.

Storm in Quebec at dawn on February 18, 2022.

Storm in Quebec at dawn on February 18, 2022.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Eric Sonard

Sarah Bensatoon, A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport called on motorists to change the way they drive, while all possible staff are currently on the ground to make the road network safer.

This morning, there is only one view, and it is a completely snow-covered road. Where it will change is in terms of vision. On the Quebec side, visibility is often reduced, while on the south coast, visibility is zero in places. She explains.

There is a snowfall on the southern coast of Quebec, which greatly complicates the journey of road users.

A quote Sarah Bensatoon, Ministry of Transport Spokesperson

Winter storm warnings are still in effect in many parts of the Capitale-Nationale and Chaudière-Appalaches regions. It urges the people of Canada to delay all essential travel until climate and climate change conditions improve.

School closures

The storm forced the closure of most schools and CEGEPs in Quebec City that do not already have an academic day.

Already at dawn, most school service centers in the Capital-National and Saudier-Appalach regions have made this decision.

Most private schools also offer students class holidays.

Cégeps Sainte-Foy, Lévis-Lauzon and Beauce-Appalaches will also be suspended for classes that day, while Cégep Garneau will cancel morning classes and then assess the situation. Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy offers most of its courses online today.

The University of Quebec (UQAR) in Rimoski will not offer courses on the Lewis campus on Friday mornings.

Full list of our closed schools for Friday, February 18th:

Schools were closed

Snow removal

Pierre-Luc Lachance, chairman of the Quebec City Board of Trustees, wants to point out, for his part, that it is not possible to advance the spread of ice melting and lubricants to prevent ice from accumulating. Snow on sidewalks and roads.

The salt and used small stone are washed away in the water when it rains and ends up in bulk street grills. Therefore, in order to follow the evolution of climatic conditions, the city is currently under weather monitoring.He wrote on Thursday Facebook.

A car splashes through a large puddle.

Water stagnation on the road in some places is significant.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sebastien Wachon

The mayor of Quebec, for his part, called on citizens to be patient. Road works will take some time to secure the road network.

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It is not possible to clean and secure everything at once […] It’s a whole cocktail falling on us […] It takes many hours, even days, to do all the work neededBruno Markand warned at a news conference on Thursday.

As always in situations like this, Quebec City teams will continue to prioritize focusing primarily on the most important and exciting arteries.

Canceled flights

As yesterday, many flights are still canceled at Jean-Lesz Airport, especially to Montreal, Toronto and eastern Quebec.

In collaboration with Louise Boisvert and Marc-Andre Boivin

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