Books destroyed: The “guardian of knowledge” is not aboriginal

Who came with the Providence Catholic School Board Controversial destruction of 5,000 books believed to be harmful to tribal people He condemned the whites who used the history of the first nations.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Susie Keys told us that she has a European parent and an aboriginal parent.

According to civil records, his father was actually born in Luxembourg, but his mother was classified.French ethnic origin.

My mother’s family belonged to many communities, She says. Next to my grandfather, there is the Molyseed from St. Mary’s, New Brunswick, and the existing Laporte. Apenaki from my grandmother Odanak.

She is not on our gang list, After verifying the registrar, mentions Jack Theriold-Watso, who was elected to the Council of Apengis of Odanak.

Although she has only one Abenaki grandparent, Susie Keys must have appeared on this list, she explains.

Sulik Keys does not appear on the list of other Apenaki bands, nor from Volinak.

Like many French Canadians, he was a tribal ancestor in the 17th century

Madam, she is thick butter. She has not had aboriginal ancestors for at least seven generations, Dominic Richard, co-ordinator of the French-Canadian Heritage Society, who collaborated with Radio-Canada as an independent researcher.

He searched for civil records of baptisms, marriages and funerals, and censuses. Conclusion: At least before 1780 there was no automatic ancestor. All branches were analyzed up to the contemporary period. If they had their own, it would have been written.

Her ancestry was found in the 17th century by Mary Manitoubouch, also known as Alconquin, of Huron. This ancestor is found in the family tree of thousands of French Canadians, Dominic Richard mentions.

I am a girl from Pines and I come from the territory of the Federation of Vapanaki [Abénakis] I belong to the tortoise family.

A quote:In the introduction of a video produced on behalf of the Swiss Keys Providence School Board

This is complete confusion. I do not know anyone from the Odana community who remembers their family clan, Reaction Eric Bouliott-Thistle, researcher in the Department of Demographics at the University of Montreal, is himself an expert on aboriginal and aboriginal demographics.

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Eric Boulett-Thistle recalls that it takes a maximum of three generations to obtain legally recognized status with an aboriginal person.

Susie Keys with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2018.

Photo: Facebook / CPA

Jack D. of the Otanak Band Council. Watcho, him a Misrepresentation And a Allocation Native culture.

There are some tribes in the political and institutional world and the Liberal Party did not do its homework, another person who accepted her word and played.

A quote:Jacques Theriold-Watcho was elected to the Apenagis Council of Odanak

Suzy Keys did not respond to our emails and calls on Tuesday. The Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) mentioned it in the evening Ms. Keys identifies herself as an unregistered aboriginal person. However, it was not possible to get more comments or to know if this situation applies to the party.

The 61-year-old has served as co-chair of the LPC’s Tribal Commission since 2017. The party’s website lists him thus An urban native of Abenaki and Montagnais descent [ancien terme désuet pour innu].

According to PLC, Commission Represents and promotes the interests of Indigenous members of the Liberal Party, and promotes the full and active participation of Indigenous peoples at all levels of the party structure..

Justin Trudeau, non-indigenous people do not want to make decisions for indigenous peoples

Susie Keys defended the idea of ​​burning all books in 2019, during ceremonies to be held at each school, as part of the withdrawal of books from schools on the school board. The epidemic eventually reduced the plan to a ceremony that burned 30 pounds.

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When asked to respond Tuesday to the outcry over the initiative, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau criticized the choice to burn the books, but added: I don’t have non-tribal people telling tribals how they should feel or act in order to advance reconciliation.

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